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Assessment and Program Review

Assessment and Program Review

 Assessment and Program Review

The University of Guam is committed to the assessment of all the academic, administrative and co-curricular services, which it provides for its stakeholders. Assessment denotes the continuous collection of data concerning the effectiveness of services in achieving their stated short-term and long-term goals. This commitment to assessment also applies to research, outreach projects and auxiliary services. The University accepts the responsibility for clarifying and communicating the University's goals and for using its resources to enable stakeholders to achieve their goals. When assessment reveals that goals are not being met or are no longer meeting stakeholders' needs with reasonable success, improvements will be made in the way the University prioritizes and provides those services so as to increase to acceptable levels their effectiveness and value to its stakeholders.


Institutional Expected Student Learning Outcomes

Institutional Student Learning Outcomes (ILOs) December 2008

Some of the expected fundamental knowledge, skills, and values that the University of Guam student will have demonstrated upon completion of any degree are:

  • Mastery of critical thinking and problem solving
  • Mastery of quantitative analysis
  • Effective oral and written communication
  • Understanding and appreciation of culturally diverse people, ideas and values in a democratic context
  • Responsible use of knowledge, natural resources, and technology
  • An appreciation of the arts and sciences
  • An interest in personal development and lifelong learning


Institutionalizing Assessment - Annual Inventory


Program Review Self Study

University regulations require that every academic major program be reviewed on a regularly scheduled basis every five years. For this review each major program prepares a self study of the curriculum, student outcomes, and supporting areas such as the library and registrar’s office. These self studies are to conform to a common format and utilize data for program planning and evaluation supplied by the University Assessment Office.

Assessment Reports and Activities

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