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Educational Effectiveness Review

Assessment and Program Review

WASC Educational Effectiveness Review

In preparing its educational effectiveness review, the University of Guam used its strategic plan, institution proposal, and capacity and preparatory review in the context of the Senior Commission Standards and Core Commitments and therefore submits this Self-Study Report to the Accrediting Commission for Senior Colleges and Universities of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges for review and approval. Click here to read notes from the exit meeting held April 2, 2009.



Educational Effectiveness Self-Study (Dec 2008)[complete report]




Appendix 1WASC Accreditation History for the University of Guam
Appendix 2Excerpt UOG FY09 Budget Slides to Legislature Jun08
Appendix 3BOR Resolution FY09 Budget Reallocation 2008-37
Appendix 42007 Fact Book
Appendix 5Status of Program Review by Units
Appendix 6Freshmen English and Math Placement
Appendix 72008 Fall Student Enrollment
Appendix 8Service Learning and Community Service
Appendix 9List of Participants (EER Steering Committee)


Required Data Elements

Data Element 7.1Inventory of  Educational  Effectiveness  Indicators
Data Element 8.1Inventory of Concurrent  Accreditation and  Key Performance Indicators


Summary Data Form

Cited Evidence in the Electronic Evidence File (EEF)
I.1Focus Group Sessions
II.12008 UOG Interim Financial Report to WASC
II.2Key Performance Indicators Among Peer Universities/Institutional Benchmarking Study
II.3Report of the Ad Hoc Committee on Undergraduate Program Sustainability
 For the Academic Quality Essay
III.A.1Article IV of the RRPM Regarding the University’s Commitment to Assessment
III.A.2Institutional Values and Qualities of the Ideal Student
III.A.3Criteria Manual for General Education Categories
III.A.4Nursing Program Evaluation Plan
III.A.5Summary Table of Course Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)
III.A.6Closing the Loop Summary
III.A.7Information regarding new certificate program and concentration in Entrepreneurship
III.A.8Program Review Handbooks (Undergraduate and Graduate)
 For the Student Success Essay
III.B.1Strategic Enrollment Master Plan
III.B.22006 Study of English Placement of Recent Graduates and Study of Math Placement
III.B.3Statistics of Web Traffic Nov 2008
III.B.4Freshman Retention Report and Analysis
III.B.5Qualitative Analysis Summary and Individual Reports
 For the Land Grant and Outreach Essay
III.C.1Land Grant Cumulative Survey Results
III.C.2Land Grant Essay Portfolio of Evidence
III.C.3EER Land Grant Survey Responses and Community Engagement Exemplars: College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences / All Colleges and Schools
 For the Institutional Effectiveness and Efficiency Essay
III.D.1Survey of Communication Resources: Community Engagement Exemplars: College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences / All Colleges and Schools


March 18 WASC Briefing - Educational Effectiveness Review Self Study

Dr. Helen Whippy, Senior Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs and our Accrediation Liasion Officer, prepared a WASC briefing PowerPoint slideshow that provides a succinct and informative overview of the upcoming visit. Click here to view the slideshow.

Click here to read clarifications provided by the UOG School of Nursing with regard to this EER report.