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Office of the President

Legal Counsel

Office of the Legal Counsel 

Mission Statement

The Office of the Legal Counsel is an integral part of the University which serves directly under the President.  The Legal Counsel is the Chief Legal Officer of the University.  The Legal Counsel advises the President, the Board of Regents, and other officers of the University on a wide range of legal matters, which include but are not limited to representing the University before the courts and administrative tribunals, advising the Administration, faculty, staff and student leaders on matters having legal significance to the management and operation of the University, compliance with local and federal laws affecting higher education, supervising outside counsel, serving on committees, and conducting training as needed.

The Office is committed to a policy and goal of proactively reducing litigation and the risks of liability.  This is accomplished through effective communication and coordination of efforts with internal and external constituencies, and through preventative legal advice and review in the performance of the daily business of the University.


Contracts Management Program Policy and Supporting Documents

 UOG Contracts Management Policy



Victorina Renacia
University Legal Counsel
Tel: (671) 735-2992
Fax: (67) 735-2296
Email: vrenacia@uguam.uog.edu

Cynthia Guerrero
Administrative Assistant
Tel: (671) 735-2992
Fax: (67) 735-2296
Email: cguerrero@uguam.uog.edu