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Business Administration ( International Tourism and Hospitality Management )

Business Administration ( International Tourism and Hospitality Management )

The International Tourism & Hospitality Management Concentration is for students interested in the opportunities provided by the tourism and hospitality industries. This includes the management and operation of tourism attractions, hotel accommodations and restaurants, tour companies and related businesses (e.g., wholesale/ retail enterprises, transportation companies, and government regulatory and promotion agencies that serve the international traveler). When armed with the skills and knowledge obtained through the BBA Foundation courses and a specialized internship, students in this Concentration will have the opportunity to pursue their preferred area of expertise in tourism and hospitality management.  Since the Concentration combines academic and applied experiences, students are expected to engage in an internship during the beginning of their senior year.



Requirements for the Tourism & Hospitality Management Concentration include: 


Credit Hours

Choice of:

An elective selected from the following




BA150  Intro to Hospitality or




BA251  Guam’s Tourism Product



Choice of

An elective selection from the following




BA350 Hotel Management




BA352  Food and Beverage Management




BA450  Tourism Research and Market Development


BA260, BA350


BA –9-  Special courses in International Tourism and Hospitality Management


Advisor approval


Tourism/Hotel Internship




Tourism Policy, Planning and Development






In addition, students must take BA252 International Tourism from the BBA Foundation.


What careers are available to someone with a degree in International Tourism and Hospitality Management?

  1. Advertising, Marketing, and Public Relations Managers
  2. Chefs
  3. Financial Managers
  4. Food Service Managers
  5. Lodging Managers
  6. Meeting and Convention Planners

Business Administration ( International Tourism and Hospitality Management ) is a Undergraduate Degrees program in the School of Business & Public Administration