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Education and Outreach

Center for Island Sustainability

Green Information and Links




Green Presentations by University Faculty:

GOING GREEN: THE IMPACT ON HIGHER EDUCATION INSITUTIONS: going green conference proceedings_dr. annette santos.pdf

Annette Taijeron Santos, University of Guam

Green Tips from the University Community

(These tips were emailed to the UOG Green Committee by members of the University Community - send your suggestions to uoggreen@uguam.uog.edu)

  1. Each student, faculty member, and work staff see the pieces of litter each day as they walk among the buildings and parking lot. It would help the image of a "green" campus if everyone would pickup just a few pieces each day. It need not be very much. But, such behavior would be viewed by others and would be a positive example.
  2. Postnet in Upper Tumon still accepts styrofoam peanuts
  3. The Queen of Clean_ a guidebook on cleaning recommends using plain old vinegar as a cost effective and eco friendly cleaning agent.
  4. To reduce the use of paper:
      • Create a website to provide resources to students
      • Provide copy of power point presentations to students using the publisher's website
      • Conduct exam using a web-based software http://hosted.onlinetesting.net
      • Manage grading using a web-based software https://www.gradesource.com/login.asp
  5. Encourage students to focus research projects on "green" issues.
  6. If you are involved in a student organization as a member or an advisor, encourage the organization to support the UOG Green activities.