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CLASS Annual Research Conference

University of Guam

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38th Annual Research Conference Survey

University of Guam

Keynote Address

"Stepping In it: A Multi-Sensory Method to Native Studies and Decolonization."
Drawing from my contribution in a forthcoming volume on  Sources and Methods in Indigenous Studies (Routledge, 2017),  edited by the Ojibwe Historian, Jean O'Brien, and the Métis Sociologist, Chris Andersen, my talk fuses the systematicity and rigor of the social sciences and humanities with what might be called the Native's penchant for (if not art of) creative disruption and mischief, to present an appropriate method of scholarship forged in relation to political struggles for Indigenous nation-building such as the Chamorro quest for self-determination and sovereignty.
Vicente M. Diaz is on the faculty of American Indian Studies and History at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. A Filipino and Carolinian (Pohnpei) born and raised on Guam, Diaz attended UOG while playing football for the Tritons in the late 1970s, and returned after schooling in Hawai'i and California to teach Pacific History and Micronesian Studies at UOG from 1991 to 2001.  Since then, Diaz has taught Asian/Pacific Islander American Studies at the University of Michigan and Comparative Native Studies at the University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign before accepting his present position in 2015. In the 1990s, Diaz served as the Historian for the Hale'ta Our Roots textbooks produced by the Guam Political Status Education Coordinating Commission, and was instrumental in helping revive traditional seafaring in Guam. He is the author of Repositioning the Missionary: Rewriting the Histories of Colonialism, Native Catholicism, and Indigeneity in Guam (University of Hawaii, 2010) and the Writer/Director and Co-producer of Sacred Vessels: Navigating Tradition and Identity in Micronesia (29 mins, VHS 1997).


38th ARC presentation brochure

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The theme for the 38th Annual Research Conference is Science and Art: Convergence in Oceania.  The conference will convene on Friday, March 10, 2017 on the campus of the University of Guam-Unibetsedåt Guahan.

The organizing committee welcomes proposals related to the multidisciplinary intersections of the Sciences and Arts that converge in Oceania.  Local, regional, and global scholars, scientists, visual and theatrical artists, and students can propose traditional session formats such as the conventional presentation of an academic paper or the informative poster session.  Presenters can also propose innovative sessions to share their research and experiences such as illustrated talks, interactive panels and demonstrations, engaging performances, and Skype presentations.

Regardless of the proposed session format, the objective of the conference is to provide a forum for intellectual engagement and discussions on issues related to the conference theme and relevant or unique to Oceania, an area endowed with significant ecological and cultural diversity.  Local, regional, and global practitioners and scholars who interrogate how those issues manifest in Oceania and/or examine the changing role of Oceania as it grapples with the social forces of globalization are especially encouraged to submit proposals.

Proposals should address any of the following topics:

  • Environmental Science
  • Energy and Environment
  • Biology and Ecology of Oceans
  • Education
  • Employment and Poverty Reduction
  • Health and Health Issues
  • Gender and Women’s Empowerment
  • Politics and Governance
  • Context, Change and Continuity in Language
  • Pacific History and Development
  • Sustainable Art Practices
  • Environmental Arts
  • Ecologically Engaged Art
  • Contemporary Art in Pacific
  • Traditional Pacific Arts
  • Geography
  • Pacific Architecture and Urban Planning
  • Tourism

Proposals beyond the range of these topics will be considered if relevant to Oceania. 

Proposals (title, abstract, presenters/institutions) can be submitted here.

You may send questions and inquiries to class.arc38@gmail.com.

PROPOSAL SUBMISSION DEADLINE : extended to December 1, 2016




The Call for Proposals is open to faculty and graduate and undergraduate students in any discipline.  Other professionals or artists not affiliated with an academic institution but interested in sharing their relevant professional work through this research conference platform are also encouraged to submit proposals.

Proposals must include a presentation title, an abstract of no more than 150 words, and a list of author(s) and institutional affiliation(s).  If proposing a Skype presentation, please indicate it in the proposal’s Abstract.

Presentations will be limited to 20 minutes with an additional 5 minutes for discussion.

Presenters will have access to rooms equipped with projectors, but must provide their own laptop.

PROPOSAL SUBMISSION DEADLINE : extended to December 1, 2016



Conference Organizing Committee
  • Dr. Irena Keckes (Chair), Division of Communications and Fine Arts
  • Prof. Lewis Rifkowitz, Division of Communications and Fine Arts
  • Dr. Francis Dalisay, Division of Communications and Fine Arts
  • Dr. Avizia Long, Division of English and Applied Linguistics
  • Dr. Yoshito Kawabata, Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Dr. Michael Bevacqua, Division of Humanities 
  • Dr. Sharleen Santos-Bamba, CLASS Associate Dean (Acting)
  • Ms. Jessica Urbano, CLASS Dean's Office


The University of Guam is committed to equal opportunity and full participation for persons with disabilities by providing access to its services and facilities through the ADA Office. Call 671-735-2995 or TDD 671-735-2243.