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College of Natural & Applied Sciences

College of Natural & Applied Sciences

Professional Track


Guam and the Western Pacific offer exceptional professional training and career opportunities

 Environmental science student Vivianna Bendixson

Research Track

M.S. in Environmental Science Research Track

The purpose of the research track is to prepare students for advanced (doctoral level) studies in environmental science and related disciplines, and careers in scientific research or professional work for which a research background is necessary or desirable.  The capstone requirement for the research track is a traditional research thesis, for which the student earns six hours of academic credit. General requirements for research theses are described in the Graduate Bulletin.

MS Environmental Science Home

Master of Science Environmental Science

Since 1997, some 45 graduates have earned their Master of Environmental Science Degree from the University of Guam’s Graduate Environmental Science Program.

Tropical Agriculture Science Program


Advisement Liaison:

Dr. Mari Marutani
Tel: (671) 735-2131 
Contact via email


Biotechnology Workshops

Annual Biotechnology Workshop for High School Students

A very valuable satellite benefit of establishing the molecular biology teaching laboratory at the University of Guam is the opportunity to reach out to the high school community of the island of Guam in efforts to attract students to careers in the bio-medical sciences.  In Spring 2003, 2004 & 2005 biotechnology workshops were organized for high school students from St. John’s High school, Guam.  The workshop was organized by Dr. Odi Diambra of St.

Human Biology

Human Biology Courses



Biochemistry Lecture & Laboratory Course Descriptions


In Fall 2001, Dr. Subir Ghosh conducted the Biochemistry lecture and laboratory courses, BI 419/G & BI 419L/G.  The Biochemistry course was designed in a manner to integrate Biochemistry with concepts from Genetics, Molecular Biology, and Cellular Physiology, so students can interconnect ideas presented in these different courses and obtain a holistic picture of the overall biological process.  The course was once again conducted in Spring 2005.



 BI 419 Biochemistry Lecture Course


Cellular Physiology Courses

Cellular Physiology Lecture & Laboratory Course Descriptions


Dr. Subir Ghosh conducted the Cellular Physiology course during Spring 2000 & 2002 semesters.  This course is taken primarily by biology major juniors and is a prerequisite for the upper division level Molecular Biology course.  This course has a lecture, BI 416 and a laboratory component, BI 416L.  During Spring 2000, Dr. Ghosh introduced for the first time at UOG, recombinant DNA technology based experiments in a biology major laboratory course.


BI 416 Cellular Physiology Lecture Course

Molecular Biology Courses

Molecular Biology Lecture & Laboratory

Course Descriptions


Molecular Biology Equipment


The National Science Foundation (NSF) Course, Curriculum and Laboratory Improvement (CCLI) Award matched by the University of Guam Endowment Foundation, Inc. for a total of $100,000, has provided funding for equipping the Molecular Biology teaching laboratory at the Division of Natural Sciences at the UOG.