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Isa Administrative Office

Isa Clinical Staff

Services at Isa are provided by licensed clinical psychologists as well as graduate and undergraduate trainees working under the close supervision of licensed clinical psychologists. 


Community Referral Internet and Phone List

Online Resources  

Online Colleges: Critical Mental Health Resources for College Students

Mental Health Screening's Stop a Suicide Today
Online Screening Program at http://www.stopasuicide.org/

Isa Psychological Services - Why Seek Help?

Seeking Services at Isa

Isa Psychological Services Center provides a safe place to talk with a clinical psychologist or therapist trainee about personal issues or concerns. All services are designed to promote personal growth and enrichment, and are provided free of charge. 

Clients come to the Center for help with a broad range of concerns including:

Isa Psychological Services Center

Isa Psychological Services Center


After the rain, there is a rainbow… 

Isa means “rainbow” in Chamorro. 

Isa Psychological Services Center provides free mental health services to UOG students, staff, faculty, and members of their families, as well as to adults, children, and families from the local community who are not able to access services elsewhere. The services offered at Isa include:

Chamorro Language Competition

Chamoru Language Competition


UOG CHamoru Language Competition

Language Arts Conference

27th Annual Regional Language Arts Conference

Literacy, Assessment and Core Curriculum Standards 

Keynote Speaker:
Dr. Margaruite Smith 
Sales Manager, DoDEA, Hawaii, Pacific McGraw-Hill Education
| PreK-Adult Education

Plenary Speaker:
Joseph Sanchez

Communication & Fine Arts Overview

Communications & Fine Arts

The College of Liberal Arts & Social Science offers many exciting degree programs.

Before enrolling in a course required by the Communication Major please use this   Student Advisement Form to make sure course prerequisites have been met.

It's also a good idea to check with and advisor to discuss the following:

CLASS Faculty

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Degree Programs

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