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Agriculture & Natural Resources


The ANR unit is the center for agricultural information and technical expertise in the Western Pacific region. The unit employs state of the art technology, interdisciplinary teamwork, collaboration with public and private sectors and interactive education to achieve significant improvements in the agricultural industry, the economy and social environments of Guam and the Pacific islands.

The primary mission of the ANR Unit is to work with its clientele and partners to advance research based knowledge through extension and higher education in the food and agricultural sciences and related environmental and human sciences to benefit people and communities in Guam and the Pacific islands. The program thrusts of ANR are carried out through Plans of Work designed by ANR faculty to address issues faced by the community as well as other individual/community educational and informational needs.


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Invasive Species

Guam Sustainable Agriculture DVD Series

PEOPLE (Portable Extension Office for Program Literature Exchange) Publications for Sustainable Extension Efforts on Tropical Islands

Agricultural Development in the American Pacific Project