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College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences
HSS Bldg. 3rd Flr. Rm. 318B
 crigsby@uguam.uog.edu, curtisrigsby@yahoo.com

Degrees Earned: 
PhD in Philosophy (2008)


Translator & Interpreter of Japanese


Curtis Rigsby, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Philosophy
Coordinator of East-Asian Studies
Chair of the Japan Committee of the Society of Christian Philosophers
Editor of the Japanese Philosophy subsection of the Philpapers webpage
Book Review Editor of the Journal of Japanese Philosophy

  • Born in Kentucky USA
  • Grew up largely in Los Angeles
  • Lived for several years in Japan (Kagoshima, Tokyo, Kyoto)
  • Lived for several years in Hawaii
  • Married to my lovely wife Naoko Yoshiide Rigsby on June 25, 2005


  • Music composition
  • The arts
  • Healthy food (organic, locally grown, sustainable, fresh produce; via fair-trade)
  • Physical exercise
  • Travel


  • Japanese (high advanced)
  • German (high intermediate)
  • Chinese (low intermediate)
  • Korean (beginner)
  • Classical & Koine Greek (3 years)
  • Classical Hebrew (1 year)
  • Sanskrit (1 year)
Areas of Interest: 
  • Philosophy, considered globally & in interdisciplinary terms
  • Philosophy & myth; the philosophical dimensions of pre 6th c. BCE thought & preliterate / oral cultures
  • Asia
  • Interreligious dialogue
  • Christian theology
Select Publications: 

Peer reviewed / Refereed articles

  1. “An Evidentialist Critique of Evangelical Christian Treatments of Non-Christian Religion: A Prolegomena to Dialogue”: Philosophia Christi, submitted early Fall 2013.
  2. “Three Strands of Nothingness in the Kyoto School & Chinese Philosophy: A Summary & Evaluation”: Dao: A Journal of Comparative Philosophy, volume 13, no. 4, 2014.
  3. “Nishida on Heidegger,” in Continental Philosophy Review, volume 42 (January, 2010).
  4. “Karl Barth’s Relationship with Japanese Thought: Katsumi Takizawa” on the Princeton Theological Seminary, Center for Barth Studies website; cf:(http://libweb.ptsem.edu/collections/barth/articles/rigsby.aspx?menu=296&subText=468)
  5. “Nishida on God, Barth, and Christianity” in Asian Philosophy, volume 19, number 2 (July, 2009).
  6. “Linguistically Grounded Monism in Bhartṛhari and Kūkai” in the Chinese Philosophy journal Tian-men [天門] June 2008, Section 3, Essay 2, published by the Capital Normal University, Beijing; cf: (http://www.frelax.com/scdb/mulu/3/TW00267823c1.html)
  7. (written in Japanese) “Philosophers of Nothingness: An Essay on the Kyoto School, Book Review”; Nihon no Tetsugaku (Japanese Philosophy) Vol. 3, January 2003
  8. “Philosophers of Nothingness: An Essay on the Kyoto School, Book Review”; Philosophy East and West Summer 2003, Vol. 53, No. 4, pp 605-612.

Book Chapters

  1. “Katsumi Takizawa” in the anthology, Sourcebook in Japanese Philosophy (2011), published by University of Hawaii Press
  2. “The Significance of Katsumi Takizawa for studies in Modern Japanese Thought” in the anthology Discussing Katsumi Takizawa [original Japanese: 滝沢克己を語る] (2010), ed. Yoshiomi Mishima [三島淑臣], published by Shunpūsha [春風社].
  3. “Whitehead, Nishida, and Theory of Existence,” English translation of the original Japanese written by Yasuto Murata; my translation of this essay appears as chapter 7 (p 106-125) in Whitehead and Existentialism, ed. Yasuto Murata, publ. by Koyoshobo, 2008.
  4. “The Reversibility vs. Irreversibility Debate in Takizawa” in the anthology, Frontiers of Japanese Philosophy 3: Origins and Possibilities (2008), published by Nanzan Institute of Religion and Culture