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Master of Arts in Art

Master of Arts in Art

The College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, with faculty from the Fine Arts Program, offers courses for the degree of Master of Arts in Art with the option of concentrating on Painting, Graphics, or Ceramics, including pottery and sculpture, or combined media. Intellectual advancement of the graduate student, development of initiative, research technique, advanced skill and proficiency, and designing enthusiasm are the goals of the program.

Entry Requirements

Prospective candidates for the M.A. in Art must submit a portfolio (slides or origin al work) of ten (10) or more examples of recent work and a copy of undergraduate transcripts to the graduate program chairperson of the M.A. in Art Program. In addition, at least two (2) letters of recommendation must be submitted from persons competent to discuss the applicant's work.

Interested students must first obtain admittance to the Graduate Studies of the University of Guam. They must then seek admission into the Art graduate program.

Completion Requirements

The candidate for an M.A. in Art must complete a minimum of 30 semester hours in Art. These should be accumulated from the chosen area of concentration, art history and related electives within the graduate course offerings of the Fine Arts Program. In certain circumstances appropriate graduate courses from other disciplines may be submitted with the approval of the student's advisor, the graduate program chairperson of the Art program, and, if applicable, the college dean.

Normally under the program the candidate will be required to prep are and mount an exhibition of recent creative endeavors (AR696), accompanied by an illustrative statement which includes a detailed discussion of the artistic problems involved in the exhibition. In the final oral examination the student will be requi red to explain and be prepared to answer questions concerning this exhibition and statement, and to demonstrate a general knowledge of his/her field.

The student's exhibition committee will be selected using criteria analogous to the ones used in selecting the traditional thesis committee. These criteria may be obtained from the student's advisor.

If, however, the candidate has a particular research inte rest, the traditional thesis may be undertaken. It is
suggested that research foci be placed in the area of Pacific Arts studies or Far Eastern Art.

What careers are available to someone with a degree in Art?

Here are just some of the things you can do with a Masters of Arts in Art degree:

  • Teach at a community college or university
  • Work at a advertising agency
  • Start a private studio
  • Work at a museum or auction house
  • Act as consultant to web design firms
  • Design textiles