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Pre-Veterinary Program

Pre-Veterinary Program

Those who are interested in veterinary medicine can complete basic science requirements at the University of Guam. However, there are very few schools of veterinary medicine and they are extremely selective.  They usually require, in addition to basic science, agriculture courses in animal husbandry, animal nutrition, etc., and all have specific state residency requirements which being a resident of Guam does not fulfill.  Pre-vet students are encouraged to attend the University of Guam for two years, during which time basic science courses can be taken and appropriate catalogs studied.


Make sure you know your prospective schools' requirements when you plan your undergraduate classes. Fortunately, most schools have similar requirements. For more information and links to U.S. veterinary colleges, visit the Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges (AAVMC) website at www.aavmc.org.

What careers are available to someone who participates in Pre-Veterinary courses?