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Bachelor of Social Work (B.S.W)

Bachelor of Social Work (B.S.W)

A four-year professional educational program in social work leading to a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) degree is offered. The BSW is recognized by the National Association of Social Workers as the entry-level degree for the profession. The BSW Program is accredited by the National Council on Social Work Education.
Social Work Program Mission and Goals
Through the teaching of social work knowledge and practice, the Bachelor of Social Work Program prepares individuals to develop a global perspective of social welfare and social development, to actualize the concept of social caring, to demonstrate belief in the intrinsic value, dignity and worth of all humankind, to serve those in need, and to act with conviction in advancing the principle of social justice and human rights within the communities of Guam, Micronesia, and the neighboring regions of the Pacific and Asia.  
The goals of the Bachelor of Social Work Program are as follows:  
1. Preparation of students to understand, identify with and incorporate into practice the professional values and ethics of social work;   
2. Preparation of students for beginning generalist professional practice with individuals, kinship systems, groups, organizations, and communities;  
3. Preparation of students for practice with diverse and at-risk populations; one who has met these requirements and has been formally admitted to the BSW Program.  

4. Preparation of students as beginning social work generalists who link indigenous knowledge, social service practice wisdom, and social research;
5. Preparation of students for lifelong learning and critical thinking through an educational process which is grounded in a liberal arts perspective and professional social work foundations;  
6. Enable students to integrate knowledge, skills, and values into generalist social work practice;
7. Preparation of students for graduate education in social work.

Entry Requirements 

There are two levels of social work majors: Pre-BSW and BSW. A pre-BSW student is any declared social work major who has not yet completed the requirements for advancement to the BSW student status. A BSW student is one who has met these requirements and has been formally admitted to the BSW Program.  

To be eligible for the BSW junior level, applicants must:

  • complete at least 45 credits of General Education requirements
  • complete EN111 Writing for Research
  • complete Mathematics General Education requirements
  • complete SO101 Introduction to Sociology
  • complete PY101 General Psychology
  • complete BI110 Economics
  • complete SW201 Social Welfare and Development:Global Challenges  with a grade of “C” or better
  • have a cumulative G.P.A. of 2.5 or higher
  • submit a completed application form and related materials, including two letters of reference.

Application for advancement to BSW student status are made at the end of the Spring Semester for the students
sophomore year. Upon receipt of all necessary documents, the social work faculty reviews the application. The division chair of the program notifies applicants by letter of the faculty’s decisions regarding admissions.  Students must be advanced to BSW student status in order to take SW301.

Completion Requirements

Non-Social Work Course Requirements
(Total:  18 Credit Hours)

The BSW program rests on a general education foundation with a minimum of 15 credit hours in the social sciences (Economics, Psychology, and Sociology); and 3 credit hours in mathematics/statistics.  Pre-requisite social science courses that should be completed before applying to the Social Work Program include:  PY101, SO201, and BA110.  Two elective, upper division (300-level or above) social science courses are also required (6 credits).  These social science electives may be drawn from the fields of anthropology, economics, political science, psychology, sociology, and women and gender studies or as approved by social work faculty advisor.  These two elective social science sours may be taken after the student is admitted into the social work program.  The required Mathematics/Statics course is MA151.  Note:  These courses may count toward general Education requirements.    

The BSW program requires 51 credit hours of social work courses. They include

  • 36 credit hours of required classroom courses (SW201, 250, 301, 302, 403, 404, 313, 345, 406, 408, 410)
  • 9 credit hours of fieldwork (SW385, SW485a-b)
  • 6 elective credit hours selected from SW305, 344, 355, 400 (may be taken more than once), 480, and 490.

Summary of Requirements for Graduation

General Education Requirements55
Social Work Credits51
Social Sciences Credits15
(Economics, Psychology, and Sociology,)9
(Elective, Upper-Division Social Science Courses)6

What careers are available to someone with a degree in Social Work?

  • Substance Misuse and Addictions
  • Aging
  • Child Welfare
  • Public Welfare
  • School Social Work
  • Justice/Corrections
  • Developmental Disabilities
  • Employment/Occupational Social Work
  • Health Care