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Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice



Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice 

The Criminal Justice Program is designed as an interdisciplinary study drawing from legal studies, mathematics, psychology, business and public administration.  Graduates qualify to hold management and administrative positions within the criminal justice system, i.e., corrections, customs, judiciary, police, etc.  The program requires sixteen (16) courses with each course completed in the sequence specified by advisors.  In order to meet individual needs and interests, students may draw from several courses to complete their required electives.  Students must earn a grade of "C" or better in all major coursework.

Criminal Justice Program Learning Outcomes: 

PLO 1:  Demonstrate a general understanding of the various roles of criminal justice professions in the public and private sectors;

PLO 2:  Demonstrate leadership and teamwork skills;

PLO 3:  Demonstrate critical thinking and analytical skills in solving real world problems in criminal justice;

PLO 4:  Demonstrate a sufficient real world understanding of law and public policy process;

PLO 5:  Demonstrate proficiency in information technology, and communication skills, etc.;

PLO 6:  Demonstrate an understanding of local, regional and global environments and their relevance to criminal justice;

PLO 7:  Demonstrate an understanding of ethical, professional, and socially responsible behavior.

For Business Administration majors, upper division Legal Studies (LW) and Public Administration (PA) courses may be used to fulfill upper division elective requirements outside SPBA.



General Education Requirements 55
Criminal Justice Major Requirements 48
Criminal Justice Electives 18
General Electives 3
Requirement for Graduation (credit hours) 124



Course Title Credit Hours Prerequisite
BA130 Introduction to Computer and Applications 3 MA110 or MA115
LW101 Introduction to Criminal Justice 3 None
LW202 Trial and Evidence 3 None
LW306 Criminal Law 3 None
LW311 Correctional Security Management and Admin 3  
LW402 Constitutional Law 3  
LW404 Administration and Management of Criminal Justice Organization 3  
LW409 Problems in Criminal Justice 3 None
PA305 Data Analysis in Public Administration 3 BA130
PA201 Public Administration in Guam and in the Western Pacific  3  
PA210 Public Administration and Management: Concepts and Applications 3  
PA233 Impact of Government Regulatory Administration Business 3  
PA304 Government Public Information 3  
PA303 Government Finance 3  
PA403 Public Personnel Administration 3  
PA405 Leadership Ethics in the Professions 3  
  Total 48  

Electives (18 credit hours): to be approved by Legal Studies advisors.

Select from the following list of courses:

BA240 Management of Organizations

BA440 Organizational Behavior

LW110 Introduction to the Paralegal Profession

LW120 Legal Investigation and Technical Report Writing

LW220 Security Management in Business and Government

LW285 Legal Reasoning, Research and Writing

LW330 Contracts and Torts

LW360 Administrative Procedures

LW380 Criminal and Civil Procedure

LW442 Business Law I

LW443 Business Law II

LW490 Special Project: Legal Studies

LW498 Legal Studies Internship

PA206 Public Health and Disease Management

PA207 Administration of Health Care Services

PA306 Health Care Planning and Evaluation

PA307 The Economics of Healthcare

PA/AG401 Community Planning

PA402 Public Administration and Public Policy

PA490 Special Project: Public Administration

PA498 Public Administration Internship

Faculty Advisors

University of Guam

Assistant Professor, Legal Studies and Public Administration

Office Location: SBPA Bldg. Room 133
Mailing Address: UOG Station, Mangilao, Guam 96923
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University of Guam

Associate Professor, Public Administration

Office Location: SBPA Bldg., Rm. 136
Mailing Address: UOG Station, Mangilao, Guam 96923
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