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Library Science (Minor and Certificate Program)

Library Science (Minor and Certificate Program)



Courses in Library Science (LS) are offered periodically. LS courses are designed to meet the school librarian certification requirements of the Guam Commission of Educator Certification (GCEC). The primary objective of the courses is to prepare school librarians who will be knowledgeable in all main areas of librarianship and who will be able to develop, promote, and administer effective school library programs. The courses will lead to Professional I, School Library Certification on Guam. These courses are in addition to requirements for teacher certification. School librarians on Guam must also meet teacher certification requirements. The current requirements for GCEC School Librarian Certification are 24 semester hours. Check the GCEC website for current requirements. (www.gcec.guam.gov).

Required Core Courses: (15 credits): LS310, LS311, LS312, LS315, LS/ED319 (required for Elementary Education majors) or LS320 (recommended for Secondary Education majors).

Electives: LS314 (strongly recommended for Elementary Education majors), LS/ED451, LS/ED452, and LS453.



Faculty Advisor


The Office of the Director for Learning Resources is located on the first floor, Robert Kennedy Memorial Library building.