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Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education

This program provides pre-service and in-service courses/programs at the undergraduate level.  It provides the region with teachers who are especially able to teach preschool and primary grade children (PreK-2) in a variety of cultural environments.

The program of studies for the major in Early Childhood is designed for students who wish to enter the educational profession as teachers in preschool, primary and elementary grades.  A minimum total of 128 credit hours is required.

General Education Requirements(55 credit hours):  Each student must fulfill the General Education requirements as listed in the Academic Rules and Regulations section of this catalog.  PY101 and HI211 are recommended and fulfill certain General Education Requirements.

Professional Education Requirements (40 credit hours):  ED110, ED192, ED201, ED300, ED350, ED351, ED363, ED353, ED354, ED355, ED356, ED357, ED392, ED/LS451, and ED489.

Specialization Requirements (24 credit hours):  ED251, ED330, ED331, ED332, ED333, ED334, ED336, ED492.

Electives (11-20 credit hours) An "Emphasis Area" option is available in which certification in an added area is possible.  Contact an advisor in the School of Education.

What careers are available to someone with a degree in Early Childhood Education?

  1. Child Care Workers
  2. Education Administrators
  3. Educational, Vocational, and School Counselors
  4. Librarians
  5. Preschool Teachers
  6. School Psychologists
  7. Special Education Teachers

Early Childhood Education is a Undergraduate Degrees program in the School of Education