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College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences
EC Bldg. 2nd Flr. Rm. 213E

Degrees Earned: 
Ph.D. University of Michigan



Division Chair
Dr. Evelyn Flores
Associate Professor
Room: EC-213E
Office Hours: W 2-3pm TTH 12:30-2:00, 3:00-4:00
Phone: (671) 735-2742
Email: evelynrflores@yahoo.com


Dr. Flores' work focuses on preserving endangered stories, especially those archived only in oral literatures.  Beyond her professional interests, she is intrigued by the spiritual dimensions of the human experience, by the relationships between food and health, and by the resilience of parts of Chamoru culture. Currently, through poetry, she is working through two preoccupations: the rituals surrounding Chamoru funerals and the continuing power and authority in certain enclaves of Chamoru womanhood in persistent resistance to or negotiation with Western male-centric systems of value and behavior. She enjoys swimming in the Pacific Ocean, long walks at sunrise or sunset, and of course, reading, researching, and writing.

Fall 2013 Courses

EN210-8: Introduction to Literature
TTH 11-12:20 EC110

EN333 Literature of Guam, Micronesia, and the Pacific
TTh 4:00-5:20 EC103


19th-Century American Literatures, Pacific Island Literatures, Developing Literatures, PostColonial Studies

Current Projects:
Anthology of Indigenous Literatures of Micronesia
Chamoru Protectors Project