Micronesian Area Research Center

MARC Director and Faculty

  • Dr. John A. Peterson, Director
  • Dr. Donald Rubinstein, Professor of Anthropology
  • Dr. Donald Shuster, Professor of Education
  • Omaira Brunal-Perry, Associate Professor, Spanish Documents
  • Dr. Monique Carriveau Storie, Assistant Professor of Library Science
  • Dr. Marilyn Salas, Acting Director Center of Excellence in Chamorro Language and Culture; Associate Professor, Elementary Education
  • Dr. Mary Spencer, Professor of Psychology & Micronesian Studies


Retired Director and Faculty

  • Dr. Hiro Kurashina, Director Emeritus
  • Dr. Dirk Ballendorf,  Professor of Micronesian Studies
  • Marjorie G. Driver, Associate Professor, Spanish Documents


MARC Emeritus

  • †Sr. Felicia E. Plaza, M.M.B., Professor Emerita of Mathematics
  • Kenneth L. Carriveau, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Library Science
  • Paul Carano, M.A., Professor Emeritus of History
  • Thomas  McGrath, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Anthropology
  • Hiro Kurashina, Ph.D., Director Emeritus of MARC