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Health Sciences ( Exercise Science and Health Promotion )

Health Sciences ( Exercise Science and Health Promotion )

The goal of this program is to prepare students for graduate studies in health sciences, or for health professions where they will be involved in the identification, evaluation, treatment, and prevention of diseases and injuries; educating the public on prevention and self-management for healthy lifestyles; and designing, implementing, and evaluating programs necessary for promoting general wellness.



Students in the health science degree programs will demonstrate the following outcomes:

  1. Behavior change skills and health promotion competencies
  1. The ability to critically analyze information relative to health and disease/injury prevention
  1. The ability to understand and apply scientific principles and methods
  1. Written and verbal capabilities
  1. The ability to work cooperatively in groups
  1. The ability to problem seek and solve.


The professional concentration in Exercise Science and Health Promotion provides preparation for students desiring employment in the growing health promotion field and/or graduate studies in exercise science, health education, and related fields.  The curriculum places an emphasis on exercise, nutrition, and healthy lifestyle. Students may use this concentration to prepare for certification as a Certified Personal Trainer or Clinical Exercise Specialist through the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). Students should recognize that this program does not automatically lead to these certifications. Interested students are encouraged to meet with an advisor to discuss eligibility requirements.

This concentration also requires students to take a 300-hour internship in a professional setting such as community health agencies, Guam Memorial Hospital, or various wellness clinics or fitness centers.


Core Courses:
Credit Hours
BI124/124L Anatomy & Physiology I 4 credits*
BI125/125L Anatomy & Physiology II 4 credits*


or Nutrition & Health or  
CF231 Nutrition for Health Pro 3 credits
HS200 Health & Wellness 3 credits*
HS216 Intro to Public Health 3 credits
HS405/G Epidemiology 3 credits
HS416 Research in Nursing and Health Sciences 3 credits
HS498 Internship 6 credits
MA161a College Algebra & Trigonometry I 3 credits*
MA387 Statistics for Sciences 4 credits
NU112 Medical Terminology 2 credits
NU344 Aging: Myths & Realities 3 credits
  Total: (27 program + 14)** 41 credits


** includes 19 upper division credits


Completion Requirements

Concentration in Exercise Science and Health Promotion Requirements:

Credit Hours


Nutrition throughout the Lifespan 3 credits


Sports Nutrition 3 credits


Human Growth and Development 3 credits


Educational Psychology 3 credits


Conditioning & Fitness 1 credit
HS105 Strength Training 1 credit


Aerobics 1 credit


Human Biology & Behavior 3 credits


Kinesiology 3 credits


Exercise Physiology 3 credits


Test & Measurement in Exercise Science 3 credits


Human Sexuality 3 credits


Research and Report Writing 3 credits


Special Topics in Health Sciences 6 credits


Public Health & Disease Mgmt 3 credits
PY101 General Psychology 3 credits*
  At least 9 credits of advisor approved HS/BI/CH/CF/PE/PH/PY/SO 9 credits
Total: (51 program + 3)**
54 credits


** includes at least 30 upper division credits


Required GEs

55 credits


27 credits


51 credits
Grand Total
133 credits


What careers are available to someone with a degree in Health Sciences (Exercise Science and Health Promotion)?

  1. Clinical Laboratory Technologists
  2. Dietitians and Nutritionists
  3. Elementary, Middle, and High School Teachers
  4. Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics
  5. Health Educators
  6. Recreation and Fitness Workers
  7. Recreational Therapists

Health Sciences ( Exercise Science and Health Promotion ) is a Undergraduate Degrees program in the School of Nursing & Health Sciences