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The Faculty of the History program seeks to prepare students for citizenship and leadership in the community.  This Faculty also seeks to develop its programs to serve community needs in the areas of social and economic development, history, culture, and social problems.

Upon completing a bachelor’s degree in History, students will be expected:

  1. To be knowledgeable of major historical themes, developments, and events;
  2. To read, interpret, and evaluate historical evidence carefully and analytically;
  3. To develop skills in conducting independent historical research, including the ability to define a historical problem, locate appropriate evidence, organize information logically, and articulate findings clearly; and
  4. To express their historical analyses clearly and persuasively both in written and oral forms.

Bachelor of Arts degrees may be obtained with a major or minor in History.

The History program offers courses for either a general knowledge of the history of civilization or for a special knowledge of particular topics and limited time periods. Indispensable to the educated individual, an understanding of history embraces both the development of states and social and cultural institutions.  As the story and interpretation of human experience and achievements, the study of history gives perspective to related subjects in the humanities and social sciences.

Students may major in History to gain historical knowledge, to acquire the historical method, to pursue research interests, or to prepare for a career in teaching, the professions or government service.

No additional language requirement exists for students majoring or minoring in history. Majors, however, are encouraged to complete at least two years of a relevant language.



History Major Requirements

(Total:  42 Credit Hours) 

Required Courses (24 credit hours): HI121, HI122, HI201, HI202, HI211 or HI243; HI371, HI372, and HI444 or HI450.

Electives (18 credit hours):  Upper division History (HI) courses, which may include PI301 or PI302.



History Minor Requirements

(Total:  24 Credit Hours)

Required Courses (15 credit hours): HI121, HI122, HI444 or HI450, and either HI201 and HI202 or HI371 and HI372.

Electives (9 credit hours): Upper division History (HI) courses.


What careers are available to someone with a degree in History?

  1. Archivists
  2. Curators
  3. Elementary, Middle, and High School Teachers
  4. Historians
  5. Librarians
  6. Private-Practice Lawyers