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College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences
HSS Bldg. 2nd Flr. Rm. 219D

Degrees Earned: 
Ph.D., Political Science
M.A., Public Administration
M.S., Psychology
B.A.,International Affairs



Michael Jon Stoil
Associate Professor of Political Science and Micronesian Studies
Email: mstoil@uguam.uog.edu

Born near Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany. Served in the US Department of State under Presidents Nixon, Ford, and Carter, and then as research consultant to such federal agencies as the Defense Intelligence Agency, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, the FBI, the Office of National Drug Control Policy, and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Also served as Washington Editor for Behavioral
Health and Nursing Homes and Long-Term Care for over 15 years.

Hobbies: Collecting and discussing classic cinema


International and comparative politics; political theory, political culture; strategic analysis

Areas of Interest: 

Impact of culture on politics

Select Publications: 

Stoil, MJ Micronesian political thought: The nature of the state with no "state of nature" in: R Fox and J Carlson, eds. (2013) State of Nature in Comparative Political Philosophy;
Stoil, MJ The executive branch and international telecommunications policy: The case of WARC ’79, in JJ Havick, ed. (1983) Communi- cations Policy and the Political Process.
Stoil, MJ (2010) U.S. policy regarding Guam: Military convenience in conflict with self-determination. Journal of American Studies. [journal of the American Studies Association of Japan] 3:1-14.
Stoil, MJ, Murthy, S, and Kuramoto, FH (2006) Psychocultural influences on health care acceptability among elderly U.S. Pacific Islanders. Journal of Health and Social Policy. 22(1):59-76