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Guam Women in History Archives at the Manuscripts Collection at MARC

 On March 12, 2014, at the initiative of Mrs. Denise Hertslet, Mrs. Donna Kloppenburg, President of the Guam Council of Women’s Clubs of Guam, and representatives of the fifteen women organizations on Guam launched the Women in History Archives at the Richard Flores Taitano Micronesian Area Research Center (MARC) at the University of Guam.  They presented their organizations’ records and a donation of $423.00 to contribute with the processing expenses. The records will be archived and available at the Manuscripts Collection at MARC.

“The RFT MARC was set up so that there was a place within Micronesia for the people of the islands to do research about their own histories. The donation of these materials will provide islanders with valuable information about the various women who were instrumental in making these organizations successful and will be important to researchers looking not only at the history of the women organizations but the history of the island and the region," said Dr. Monique Storie, MARC Director.

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Micronesian Area Research Center Scholarship Winners

University of Guam graduate students Rudy Villaverde, Katherine Cure, and Robert Yangerluo each received a graduate scholarship during the Charter Day Dinner held in March 2010 to pursue various research projects. Villaverde plans to do research on the connection between ancient Chamorro cave paintings and star constellations. Cure is studying the behavior of lionfish in the Caribbean Sea and in the Pacific Ocean in the waters off Guam and Columbia to determine the reasons behind differing behavior. Yangerluo will pursue research regarding the relationship between Yapese proper and outer islanders as it relates to land conflicts. All three are pursuing their Master of Art in Micronesian Studies. Pictured are Villaverde and Cure.


MARC Dinner honors Johnston, Hezel and Taitano

During the annual MARC Charter Day Dinner held in March 2010, Emily Johnston, Father Francis Hezel, and the late Carlos Taitano were all recognized for their contributions to the University of Guam Richard F. Taitano Micronesian Area Research Center, and for their contributions to the body of knowledge about the region. Pictured below are the family of the late Carlos Taitano, Johnston, and Father Hezel.

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