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AHEC Holds Meeting of Center Directors and Staff


The Guam/Micronesia Area Health Education Center (AHEC) holds a meeting in May of AHEC Center Directors and staff from College of Micronesia-FSM, College of the Marshall Islands, and Guam Community College at the UOG School of Nursing and Health Sciences.

AHEC Meeting May 2014


In this photo:

Seated left to right: Kimeme Kabua, Associate Director CMI AHEC; Paul Dacanay, Director COM-FSM AHEC; Merle Macalalag, AHEC Administrative Assistant, GCC; Leah Aquino, UOG Accountant; Walton Bohanny, Director CMI AHEC.

Standing left to right: Ray Sayas, AHEC Database Developer; Karen Cruz, AHEC Program Director; Robin Caguin, AHEC Tutor; Dr. Margaret Hattori-Uchima, Dean, UOG School of Nursing and Health Sciences.