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University of Guam College of Natural and Applied Sciences, Cooperative Extension Service and the Guam Community College Tourism & Hospitality Department


When: 8:30 am-1:00 pm, Saturday, January 18, 2013

Where: 400 Building/Culinary Arts Kitchen, Guam Community College


Pressure canning is a food preservation method used to safely can low acid foods like vegetables, meat, and fruits. A pressure canner raises the temperature to over 250˚F so that bacteria like botulism and its spores are killed. This workshop includes presentations on food safety and canning principles. All participants will can their own products.

Participants must wear close toe shoes and long pants, and are expected to assist with kitchen clean-up. Jars/lids, produce, hat, apron, two hand towels, canning sup-plies and hand-outs are included.

Pre-payment by cash or check is required. Participants 16 and older are welcome!


Class Fee $20

Register with Marie Auyong at uognewfarmer@gmail.com or call 735-2085 (email preferred) or with Jane Mendiola at 735-2080.



CES Pressure Canning Workshop Flyer