University of Guam College of Natural and Applied Sciences, Cooperative Extension Service and the Guam Community College Tourism & Hospitality Department

8:30 am-1:00 pm, SATURDAY, MARCH 22, 2014
UOG, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences First Floor, Room 125
Class fee - $20

The food preservation process of drying removes moisture from food so that bacteria, yeast, and mold are less likely to grow.

This workshop includes presentations on food safety, food preservation principles, equipment review, and produce selection. All participants will process some food and be able to take home prepared products.

Participants must wear close toe shoes and long pants, and are expected to assist with kitchen clean-up. Produce, dry-ing equipment and hand-outs are included in the workshop fee. Pre-payment by cash or check is required. Participants 16 and older are welcome!

Register with Phoebe Wall at pwall@uguam.uog.edu / 735-2090 (email preferred).


Food Drying Workshop