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Sea Grant - Renewable Energy


Renewable Energy


Read: "Guam Must Reduce Reliance on Oil"

Article published in the Pacific Daily News May 4, 2011 (Download PDF)


As the global environment becomes more and more susceptible the harmful aftermath of many years of pollution, many are seeking alternative routes other than fossil fuels to produce energy. Fossil fuels are non-renewable resources and are the primary means of generating energy all around the globe. They are “non-renewable” resources, and will eventually run out. Today, fossil fuels are very limited and because of their limited nature, the price to produce necessary energy is at an all time high. As mentioned earlier, many people are seeking alternative routes to produce energy by leaning more towards renewable energy such as solar, wind, geothermal, etc. energy.

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Peak oil:

There is much debate about peak oil. For more information about this controversial debate:


Oil to gas:

There is in fact a process to producing the gasoline we all use to fill up our cars, fuel airplanes, etc. Crude oil is the basis for the gasoline we all use but other petroleum products are also use along with crude oil to produce consumable gas. Crude oil is produced underground and when taken out and striped of all its impurities. There are three steps to producing consumable gasoline: distilling, converting, and treating.

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