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The University of Guam Women’s Volleyball Team Will Play In College Tournament in Taiwan


University of Guam

The UOG Women’s Volleyball Team is traveling to Taiwan to play in a college volleyball tournament there as the first team from the new “Triton Athletics” program to engage in international competition off the Island of Guam.

The UOG Men’s Basketball team played two colleges from the Philippines last summer in a basketball tournament at the UOG Calvo Field House.

“From the start of the program we've been interested in gaining competitive experience unavailable on Guam," said Head Women’s Volleyball Coach Tatianna Sablan. "I knew we had to go abroad for that. I reached out to former teammates and current colleagues and got a plethora of choices. Being a collegiate volleyball team has opened up so many more doors for our team. Spain, Hawai'i, Taiwan and Albuquerque, New Mexico were a few of the choices on the table. In the end, our funds have decided for us, and this Spring UOG Triton Volleyball team will be in Taiwan."

The team will scrimmage the host school Chung Yuan Christian University prior to the tournament and then play in the Level III Division of the tournament. The Lady Tritons will be staying in dorms on the campus, and the university is located in downtown Taipei so the team will be exposed to the Taiwanese style of urban living plus another country’s educational institution.

“When I was a college softball coach in Florida, I took my team abroad twice, once to Belgium and Holland and then to Italy and Switzerland," said UOG Athletic Director Doug Palmer. "They were experiences the students never forgot and sometimes, their only experience abroad so it is important in today’s society for students to travel abroad and experience other cultures."

The team took off on March 15th and will return to Guam on March 22. The team has a 10-2 record so far in 2017 playing the Guam Women’s College Volleyball League and Guam Volleyball Federation League.