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TRITON SPOTLIGHT: “Where are they now?”
Christine Pama

Those who have had the pleasure of listening to Christine Pama sing have often described her voice as beautiful, angelic, and pure. And perhaps many others would claim she sings in a way that reminds them of the leading ladies in the Disney movies. Her vocal prowess is both recognized and respected by her peer group of local musicians, her church parish, and just about anybody who has witnessed her create musical magic. It’s no wonder she has had a fulfilling career that has taken her to different heights. The Mangilao resident is currently a music teacher at Luis P. Untalan Middle School and a vocal instructor at American Music.
Alumni Pama

Christine realized that she could easily match the notes and pitches she heard in contrast to others who often struggled to do the same. Throughout middle and high school, she would participate in various performances, but even then, her singing talents had not yet began to develop to the point where she was truly a standout. When she enrolled at the University of Guam, however, her outlook improved. After formal and disciplined training, her vocal abilities began to blossom and she developed a deeper passion for her art form. “The professors at UOG made an impact on me. Being under their guidance taught me humility. I thought I was good when I started, but I was far from it. I really had to push myself to know and understand music in a different way. Music is not just about showing that you can do it, it’s about understanding what you are doing and taking it to another level,” she said.

While many have encouraged Christine to go off-island and compete in national competitions, she politely declines and says her heart lies elsewhere. “I can’t afford to go out there - you have to quit your job, fly out there for five months, who has the time to do that? I have a life. It has to be your main goal. You don’t have to be on TV to be a star, and that’s really based on people’s preferences. It’s not mine.”

Pama eventually earned her B.A. in Fine Arts – Music, from UOG in 2008 and has since been generous about supporting her alma mater. She has performed at the institution’s annual events such as UOG’s talent showcase, “The G Factor” and the signature black tie event, “The Founders Day Gala.” She also earned her Master's Degree in Secondary Education this past Spring.

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