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UOG ROTC Holds Field Training Exercise



Training Prepares Cadets For LDAC at Fort Knox, Kentucky
The University of Guam Triton Warrior Battalion Senior Army Reserve Officers Training Corp (ROTC) will be conducting Field Training Exercise (FTX) on November 14 -17, 2013 at the Guam Army Reserves Center in Barrigada.  The FTX will reinforce skills acquired by the UOG ROTC cadets through labs and classes during the course of the Fall 2013 semester.
“This is a great opportunity for all of our cadets to showcase what they have learned this semester and in previous years. Getting out of the classroom and getting our boots dirty is fantastic!” says University of Guam Senior Army ROTC Professor of Military Science, LTC Jay A. Blakley.
Organized and coordinated by UOG ROTC seniors, the FTX includes a number of activities for cadets to evaluate their knowledge and proficiency in areas such as First Aid, Night Land Navigation, Squad Tactics, the Field Leaders Reaction Course (FLRC), Troop Leading Procedures (TLP), Hand Grenade Assault Course, and overall field craft.
The FTX is primarily designed to prepare UOG ROTC junior cadets for the Leadership Development Assessment Course (LDAC) this summer at Fort Knox, Kentucky. The FTX simulates what a Cadet can expect from LDAC provides an opportunity to evaluate a Cadet’s potential to become an officer in the United States Army.
Successfully completing LDAC is a prerequisite to becoming an Army officer through the ROTC program. Third-year cadets are evaluated through a combination of LDAC performance, academic grades, and other military training opportunities such as Cadet Training Leadership Course (CTLT), Airborne, and Air Assault. These are used as criteria in the annual assessment and placement of second lieutenants into the basic officer branches of the Army.
For more information about the UOG Army ROTC program, contact Recruiting Officer, Mr. John Howerton at 777-7682 or visit online at www.uog.edu/armyrotc.

University of Guam Army ROTC Cadet Park throw the hand grenade as Cadet Arriolapulled security during the Field Training Exercise Grenade Course held on November 14, 2013 to November 16, 2013 at the U.S. Army Reserve Center.