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UOG Student Travel Blog 2 - AMA Singapore Adventure


UOG Student Travel Blog - AMA in Hong Kong and Singapore

A group of UOG Students from the American Marketing Association (AMA) student organization and Marketing Professor Terrie O’Brien recently embarked on a week-long journey to Hong Kong and Singapore as part of an international learning experience, one of many available at UOG.

Gabbie Franquez, a senior marketing / human resources major was willing to write about the experience. Her second post is below.  

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AMA Singapore Adventure

AMA is now in Singapore! New country, new territory, new adventures. The big transition between Hong Kong and Singapore is the weather. We went from Hong Kong's mid 60-70 degree Fahrenheit, "sweaters and scarves" weather to Singapore's sizzling-hot, perfect spring break weather. It's was in Singapore where the climate felt just like home.

With only two days in Singapore, I wanted to take in all I could and live like a Singaporean. Therefore, we filled our days from dawn till dusk, exhausting but excitement prevailed. One of the most memorable and educational experiences was the city tour. We bought a 48-hour bus pass, which costs about 43 Singapore wuan (equivalent to 34 US dollars), and rode the double decker bus to historical sites and some of the popular hotspots of Singapore. The bus was equipped with various maps and headphones so that we could each  listen to the tour in our language of choice. Through this tour, my fellow AMA members and I learned a lot about Singapore - their history, cultural influences, and jaw-dropping architecture. Check out the photos.

Another adventure was the Night Safari. Just like its name, it is a safari tour that takes place during the evening. Once I walked in, the place was staged as if I was in a real African jungle. The souvenir shops, restaurants, and multi-seat tram were even designed to portray the wilderness scenery. There were many animals to see at the Night Safari. A few of my favorites were the tigers, elephants, giraffes, spotted deer, lions, and hippopotamus.

There's so much to do in Singapore!

The Singapore Botanic Gardens (SBG) is a must see. With over 4 million visits annually SBG is said to be the most visited botanic gardens in the world. Other places of interest that have great finds and souvenirs trinkets are "Little India" and "China Town." With generations of both Indian and Chinese cultural influences, Little India and China Town are great places to find authentic cuisines. Another hot spot is the Marina Bay Sands. This unique building's design consists of three towers with a boat shaped topper. An elevator ride will take you up 57 levels to the top of the Marina Bay Sands where a wonderful view awaits overlooking the city.

I'm already planning my next visit to Singapore. Until next time!
-Gabbie Franquez


Gabbie Day 2 Photos