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What is the English Adventure Program?

The English Adventure Program provides participants the opportunity to improve English skills while enjoying a variety of exciting activities that Guam has to offer.

PROGRAM LENGTH: The English Adventure Program is one to six weeks in duration and classes and activities run Monday - Friday. There are also very short-term programs available from 1 day to less than one week. The program is flexible and can be designed to meet the needs of the client.
INSTRUCTORS: Students will learn from experienced teachers with master’s degrees and ESL teaching experience.

ENGLISH INSTRUCTION: English classes can run weekdays between the hours of 8AM and 5PM. Classes focus on sentence analysis, parts of speech, nouns, verbs and modifiers, listening and speaking, reading and writing, and English conversation.

ACTIVITIES: Activities include sports activities, cross-cultural communication with UOG students, conversation partners, learning traditional dances, campus tours, and cultural activities. Activity prices vary.

Adventure Sports Camp

Adventure Sports Camp – The University of Guam runs Adventure Sports Camp during the summer months from late May through early August. Children from the ages of 6 -15 can experience English immersion while participating in sports, hikes, trips to the water park, and camp outs with children from many cultures.



Participants from 9 - 18 years old experience English immersion and learn fishing methods, how to use a rod and reel, night fishing, and trolling on a boat. Staff members lecture about the importance of caring for coral reefs and the environment. Staff members are College of Natural and Applied Sciences 4-H program.

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International Friendship Club

The IFC is a University club whose members volunteer to interact with students during the program. If you wish to join visit