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Telecommunication And Distance Education Operation (TADEO)


The University of Guam Telecommunication And Distance Education Operation (TADEO) is responsible for maintaining existing telecommunication connections across Micronesia and researching and developing communication improvements. These infrastructures are used for daily communications and online course delivery. TADEO will achieve greatness by becoming the telecommunications knowledgebase for Micronesia. TADEO will achieve this by directly participating in the planning, development and use of regional infrastructure and the maintenance of quality on-line learning programs; these goals will lead to the recognition of the University of Guam as the leader in U.S. accredited online education and educational support in Micronesia and East Asia.

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Contact Us

Office : (671) 735-2620 / 2621 Fax : (671)734-8377

Email : tadeo@uguamlive.uog.edu

Location : House #6, Dean's Circle

Moodle website : campus.uogdistance.com

Moodle Help email : moodlehelp@uguam.uog.edu