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College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences

CLASS Course Descriptions

CLASS Course Descriptions

Below is a list of courses from the Course Catalog for the College of Liberal Arts & Social Science.

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  • CO398 Communication Internship
    Credits: 3.00 , Offered: Fall / Spring
    This upper division course provides an optional, practical internship experience for students which will enhance their preparation for the professional world. Each student works 90 hours as an intern at a local business, organization, or government agency while also meeting with Instructor to integrate their educational knowledge and skill with their external experience. Prerequisites: 12 credit hours of Communication courses, junior standing or consent of instructor.
  • CO406 Special Topics in Mass Communication
    Credits: 3.00 , Offered: As Required
    This course provides the opportunity for intensive study of a specific mass communication topic. It may be repeated for credit, with transcript showing the topic studied, e.g. CO406 International Communication, CO406 Editing, Layout and Design, etc.
  • CO410 Special Topics in Communication Studies
    Credits: 3.00 , Offered: As Required
    This course provides the opportunity for intensive study of a specific area of communication theory and practice. It may be repeated for credit, with transcript showing the topic studied.
  • CO412 Interpretive Journalism
    Credits: 3.00 , Offered: Spring / Odd Years
    The course focuses on writing news analysis, editorials, columns and critical reviews. Student work is submitted for publication in Triton’s Call and/or local media. Prerequisite: CO226 Recommended: CO250 and EN319.
  • CO426 Documentary Process
    Credits: 3.00 , Offered: Spring / Even Years
    This course enables students to learn the processes by which historical, social, cultural events and/or phenomena are prepared for presentation on public media. Emphasis is on research, writing, and production concepts. Prerequisite: CO106, CO236 or consent of instructor.
  • CO450 Communication Theory and Research
    Credits: 3.00 , Offered: Fall / Odd Years
    This course is a survey of classical and recent communication theory and research, with emphasis on pertinent speech and mass communication professional literature, resources, and organizations, theory of scientific observation, methodology, and research, and modern Communication theory and research trends. Prerequisites: 6 credits of upper division communication courses.
  • CO491 Current Issues in Communication Society
    Credits: 3.00 , Offered: Fall / Spring
    This seminar examines appropriate communication behavior. The discussions explore the need for ethical guidelines in all venues of communication with particular emphasis on conflict resolution, consensus reaching, and team-building. The seminar offers alternatives to the Western model of “communication as a contest.” This course is a capstone for Communication majors in that it integrates key concepts from other courses as well as skills learned through the general education program. Prerequisites: CO210. Senior- level status.
  • CO498 Communication Internship
    Credits: 3.00 , Offered: Fall
    This course is designed as a “bridge” experience between the academic and professional worlds for Communication majors in their senior year. It offers students advanced training in professional skills prior to graduation. Each student works a number of hours each week as an intern at a local business or agency, while also meeting with the Instructor for cognitive integration of their learning experiences. Prerequisite: 18 credit hours of Communication courses, senior standing.
  • EN/WG323 Literature By Women
    Credits: 3.00 , Offered: DE / OLL - Distance Education / Online Learning, Fall
    This course explores representative literature by women around the globe and across time. The course reading covers a variety of literary forms which may include the novel, short story, poetry and such non-fiction as essays, journals, and diaries. Students acquire an understanding of these various literary forms and how women writers have used them to express religious, political, social and philosophical concerns. They also are introduced to a growing body of feminist literary theory. This course allows students to gain an understanding of the social-historical place of literature by women. Prerequisite: Any 200-level literature course or consent of instructor.
  • EN085 Fundamentals of English
    Credits: 3.00 , Offered: Fall / Spring
    EN085 is an integrated course intended to enhance the overall English competence of the students enrolled. Presenting a blend of reading, writing, speaking, and listening tasks, the class includes three hours per week of classroom instruction. Students are initially placed in EN085, as a result of their performance on the University’s Placement Exam. End-of-term grades are A, P, NC, or F. A grade of A or P is required to pass out of the course. Co requisite: EN085L. A nonpassing grade in either EN085 or EN085L will require the student to retake both courses.