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College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences

CLASS Course Descriptions

CLASS Course Descriptions

Below is a list of courses from the Course Catalog for the College of Liberal Arts & Social Science.

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  • AR203 Drawing II
    Credits: 3.0 , Offered: Spring
    Drawing II provides additional experience in drawing, with emphasis on the ability to interpret forms in a creative and individualized manner. Prerequisite: AR103 or consent of instructor.
  • AR204 3-D Design
    Credits: 3.0 , Offered: Spring / Odd Years
    This course introduces methods, materials, techniques, principles of organization, and elements of design applied to the third dimension as a means to understanding sculptural form. Prerequisite: AR104 or consent of instructor.
  • AR205 Basic Watercolor Painting
    Credits: 3.0 , Offered: Fall
    Transparent and opaque watercolor techniques are introduced. Emphasis is placed upon creative utilization for the development of original, personal statement and the understanding of the effects and variety of different watercolor techniques. Prerequisite: AR103 or consent of instructor.
  • AR206 Basic Painting
    Credits: 3.00000 , Offered: Spring
    This course explores problems in color and form with an introduction to painting media. Prerequisite: AR103 or consent of instructor.
  • AR208 Basic Sculpture
    Credits: 3.0 , Offered: Fall
    Sculpture methods and techniques are explored in this course. Emphasis is placed on creative utilization of materials and techniques and the development of a personal direction. Prerequisite: AR103 or AR104, or consent of instructor.