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College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences

CLASS Course Descriptions

CLASS Course Descriptions

Below is a list of courses from the Course Catalog for the College of Liberal Arts & Social Science.

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  • AR421 Advanced Ceramics II
    Credits: 3.00 , Offered: Spring
    This course is a continuation of AR420, and involves continued refinement of individual style and individual projects. Emphasis is placed on creative utilization of materials and techniques and the development of personal direction. Prerequisite: AR420.
  • CM101 Elementary Chamorro
    Credits: 4.00 , Offered: Fall / Spring
    This is a beginning course with emphasis on oral-aural competency.
  • CM102 Elementary Chamorro II
    Credits: 4.00 , Offered: Spring
    This is a continuation of CM101. Emphasis is on improving and adding to the oral-aural competency gained in CM101. Reading in the Chamorro language is also introduced, and more complex language structures and concepts are taught. Prerequisite: CM101; two-year high school Chamorro, or consent of instructor.
  • CM201 Intermediate Chamorro I
    Credits: 4.00 , Offered: Fall
    This is an intermediate level Chamorro language course, which continues the oral-aural development of CM101 and CM102. Vocabulary development and expansion continues; however, the primary emphasis is on comprehending and utilizing more complicated language structures in the Chamorro language, as well as application and usage of the numerous affixation processes. Reading comprehension and reading skills are introduced. Prerequisite: CM102, or consent of instructor.
  • CM301 Advanced Chamorro I- Reading
    Credits: 4.00 , Offered: Fall / Even Years
    This course emphasizes reading competency, further development of oral-aural skills, and the phonological and morphological structures of the Chamorro language. Prerequisites: CM201 and CM202 or consent of instructor.
  • CM302 Advanced Chamorro II- Writing
    Credits: 4.00 , Offered: Spring / Odd Years
    This course emphasizes writing competency, further development of oral-aural skills, and the syntactical and semantic structures of the Chamorro language, and Chamorro orthography. Prerequisites: CM202 and CM301 or consent of instructor.
  • CM340 Chamoru Culture
    Credits: 3.00 , Offered: Fall
    This course provides a survey of Chamoru cultural forms, such as dance, music, chant, storytelling, and graphic and textile art, against a background understanding of culture as a dynamic expression of changing historical conditions in the Mariana Islands from ancient to contemporary times. Prerequisites: CM101 and CM 102 or consent of instructor.
  • CM412 Topics in Chamorro Studies
    Credits: 3.00 , Offered: Fall / Even Years
    This course is an intensive study of a specific topic or theme relative to historical analysis of the Mariana colonial legacy and contemporary issues including Chamorro cultural survival, land, social and economic development, political status, religion, and modern modes of scholarly inquiry in the Mariana Islands. This course is designed as a senior capstone course for majors in the Chamorro Studies BA program offered by the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (CLASS). It furthers content covered in introductory courses such as The History of Guam (HI211) or those relevant to aspects of Chamorro Studies such as History of Micronesia (HI 243), People of the Pacific (AN320), Literature of Guam, Micronesia, and the Pacific (EN333), and Political Development in the Western Pacific (PS412). With different subject matter, this course may be taken more than once for credit. Prerequisites: HI 211.
  • CO106 Introduction to Mass Communication
    Credits: 3.00 , Offered: DE / OLL - Distance Education / Online Learning, Fall / Spring
    This course is a survey of the history, theory, and practice of mass media in Guam, the United States, and the world.
  • CO200 Voice and Articulation
    Credits: 3.00 , Offered: Fall / Spring
    This course is a study of the speech mechanism and how it functions. It emphasizes phonetics and Standard American English pronunciations, as well as changes in the speaking voice. It is especially designed for education majors, non- native speakers of English, and those who desire improvement in their speaking performance.