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College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences

CLASS Divisions

College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences

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CLASS Divisions

Division of Communication & Fine Arts

The communication program at UOG offers a major designed to prepare professionals in journalism, mass media, public relations and other communication-related areas.  The program also serves the university community with General Education and elective courses for all majors, and offers a minor which is an ideal complement for any major which requires substantial skill in interpersonal, public, or mass communication.


Division of English & Applied Linguistics

The Division of English and Applied Linguistics recognizes the language arts as profound forms of cultural as well as personal communication and as means for reflection and expression. We believe that critically reading, analyzing, and discussing diverse texts enables students to begin to understand and to communicate their particular experiences and knowledges contextualized by those of the global community.


Divisions of Humanities

The Division of Humanities, which is part of the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (CLASS), is made up of several interrelated programs. These are Anthropology, East Asian Studies, History, Japanese Studies, Modern Languages, and Philosophy. Modern Languages at the University of Guam further consists of Chamorro (the indigenous language of the Mariana Islands), Chinese, French, Japanese, Spanish, and Tagalog (the main language of the Philippines).


Division of Social & Behavioral Sciences

The Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences consists of the following programs: Geography, Psychology, Political Science, Sociology, and Women & Gender Studies.