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Fine Arts

College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences


Division of Communication & Fine Arts


Fine Arts Degree Program

The Fine Arts Department offers a program leading to a Major or Minor in Fine Arts.  The Fine Arts Major allows the student to concentrate in one of the areas of the arts:  Art, Music or Theater

Within each of these areas, the student gains an understanding of the concepts of appreciation and creation of an artistic product as it applies to that particular area.  In all areas, the emphasis is on the creation of the work.  To accomplish this, it is necessary to lay a proper foundation.  Therefore, all of the areas utilize both a traditional lecture/discussion, paper/exam format, as well as a hands-on, studio, experimentation/creation process.  In the Arts, both are necessary. 

The most unique aspect of the program is the combining of  ArtMusicand Theater into one major.  While the norm is to isolate the arts into three separate areas, the Fine Arts Major at UOG encourages a continuing dialogue between artists of different disciplines.  It is to the advantage of the Fine Arts student, through the 9 credit hours of Fine Arts Core courses, to be regularly and formally placed into contact with the other disciplines that make up the Fine Arts Major.  This contact encourages student awareness of the creative process throughout the arts. 

The program promotes growth in personal experience, artistic self-expression, and stimulates exploration of the role of the arts in society.  As a result of the historical, interpretive, and creative components of the Fine Arts program, students are personally challenged to achieve proficiency in their chosen area and appreciation for the creations and presentations of other artists.  The Art area also offers an advanced degree, a Master of Arts in Art.  There are no prerequisites to enter the Fine Arts Major Tracks of ArtMusicand Theater.

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