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DEAL Advisement

It's a Good Day to Become an English Major! 

Famous English Majors

Faculty Advisors


DEAL Students


You Know You’ll Enjoy Being An English Major:

 If You Are A Person. . .

  • who loves to read different types of texts and
  • who enjoys analyzing this material;
  • who has strong writing and speaking skills and
  • who is creative and who likes to work independently.


  And  If You Are Ready To . . .

  • Discuss your ideas
  • Read literary criticism
  • Compare different ways of interpreting the same work
  • Manage your time well so you can complete all the reading and writing you are assigned
  • Develop your mettle as a scholar by writing  twenty-five-page papers
  • Get practical experience interning, editing or writing for the school newspaper or literary journal, or peer tutoring
  • Attend readings and participate in other related activities
  • Consider studying Joyce in Dublin, Shakespeare in Cambridge, or another author in his own country


DEAL Students


What Can I Do With An English Degree?

Traditionally, English graduates have become:

  • English Teachers
  • ESL Teachers
  • Creative Writers
  • Publishers
  • Producers
  • Journalists
  • Broadcasters
  • Public Relations Developers
  • Public Information Officers/Directors
  • Grant Writers
  • Investigators
  • Fundraisers
  • Human Resource Managers 

DEAL Students

But an English Degree as a Pre-Professional Major or a Pre-Masters Major also prepares you to enter careers in:

  • Management
  • Diplomacy
  • Linguistics
  • Education Administration
  • An Education Specialty
  • Medicine
  • Law
  • Public Administration
  • Film
  • Business
  • Science
  • International Relations
  • Library/Information Science

*This listing of careers comes from the various websites listed in the following pages and from the general knowledge of the UOG English Division faculty. 




Faculty Advisors

Dr. Kelley Bowman, ElizabethEC-118A735-2740ebowman@uguam.uog.eduComparative Literature
Dr. Flores, EvelynEC-213E735-2742evelynrflores@yahoo.comAmerican Lit; Pacific Lit & Secondary Education
Garcia, ChrisEC-208A735-2765guamchrisgarcia@hotmail.comComposition & Rhetoric
Dr. Gugin, DavidEC-216D735-2744dlgugin@yahoo.comLiterature; Secondary Education & Linguistics
Dr. Hahm, Hyun-JongEC-118C735-2725hhahm@uguam.uog.eduTheoretical Linguistics; MA in English Advisor
Harmon, P.K.EC-117C735-3038pkharmon@uguam.uog.eduColleague Advisor-Lit & Creative Writing
Dr. Hartig, AndreaEC-117J735-2736ahartig@uguam.uog.edu Women's Literature
Dr. Huang, JimmyEC-118B735-2718chuang@uguam.uog.eduAnthropological Linguistics; Endangered languages
Dr. Quan, ClarisaEC-213F735-2730risaquan@yahoo.comApplied Linguistics; Chair, MA Program
Dr. Santos-Bamba, SharleenEC-208B735-2723santossj@uguam.uog.eduEnglish & Secondary Education; Comp & Rhetoric
Dr. Schreiner, ChristopherEC-216C735-2731csscamel@yahoo.comTheoretical Literature; Philosophy; MA Advisor
Simpson-Warner, CarolEC-208C735-2727simpsonwarner@uguam.uog.edu
English & Secondary Education
Thurber, DianeEC118D735-2748isis@guam.netLiterature
Dr. Vest, JasonEC-216A735-2735japaves@yahoo.comLiterature; 21st Century Lit/Sci-fi/Film


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Famous English Majors...See Anyone You Know?


Famous English  Majors



    Top Row (L-R): Clarence Thomas, Supreme Court Justice; Diane Sawyer, TV journalist; Carol Browner, former head of the Environmental Protection Agency and now chair of the Board of the National Audubon Society; Vin Diesel, actor; Geoffrey Rush, actor (we're not sure about the monkey); Barbara Walters, TV host.


    Middle Row (L-R): Julia Stiles, actress; Cathy Guisewite, cartoonist (we figured you'd recognize the cartoon better than her picture); Toni Morrison, writer, Pulitzer and Nobel Prize for Literature winner; Sting, singer, songwriter; Joe Paterno, legendary football coach; Sally Ride, astronaut.


    Bottom Row (L-R): Amerie, singer; Harrison Ford, actor; Stephen King, writer; Harold Varmus, Nobel Prize laureate, former head of the National Institutes of Health and now CEO of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Research Center; Jodi Foster, actress/activist; Alan Alda, actor-activist.