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College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences

College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences
Sociology Program

Sociology Faculty

Understanding Our World To better Serve Our People

Today, the study of social relations is basic to every type of human endeavor. Government planning, human service work, economic development, personnel management, and the many other activities of our modern world require an understanding of the social system and how individuals fit into it. The program in Sociology prepares the student for further graduate study or for entrance level positions involved with the analysis, interpretation, and evaluation of human social behavior.

The general objectives of the Sociology major are to enable a student to obtain the skills and theoretical concepts used to study individuals within social groups, the organization of groups, relations between groups, and the processes that maintain or change the social structures of familial, economic, and political life.


Core Faculty

Dr. Ann Ames
Assistant Professor

Dr. Todd Ames
Associate Professor

Dr. Kirk D. Johnson

Dr. John J. Moss
Assistant Professor


The Sociology Curriculum revolves around three core areas of concentration: Gender and Family Studies; Social Problem Studies; and Development Studies.  The total required credit hours include 15 required credits and 21 electives - 9 of which fall within one of the concentration areas.

Required Courses (15 Credit Hours)

  •  SO101 Introduction to Sociology
  • SO202 Contemporary Social Problems
  • SO350 Development of Sociological Theory
  • SO414 Research Methodology in Sociology
  • MA385 Applied Statistics

Electives (21 Credit Hours) – A minimum of Six (6) credit hours at the 400 level.  Areas of Concentration (9 credit hours in at least one area)

  • Gender and Family Studies
  • WG101 Introduction to Women and Gender Studies
  • SO/WG230 Marriage and Family
  • SO342 Sociology of Sex and Gender
  • SO445 Minority Relations
  • SO455 Sociology of Women

Social Problems Studies

  • SO302 Deviance and Social Control
  • SO/AN/NU/SW344 Aging – Myths and Realities
  • SO386 Juvenile Delinquency and Criminology
  • SO/AN418 Social Stratification
  • AN421 Cross-Cultural and Sociological Problems of Guam and Micronesia
  • PY440 Social Psychology

Development Studies

  • PS305 Comparative Politics of Developing Nations
  • SO/AN332 Globalization and Human Dynamics
  • GE/AN341 Cultural Ecology
  • SO360 Social Movements and Change
  • SO/AN405 Community Development
  • SO/GE475 Human Ecology: Problems and Solutions
  • MI520 Economic Development and Change in Micronesia


Degree Program Requirements