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Geography Program

The courses in Geography are designed to give students an understanding of the principles and concepts of human and physical geography and the interrelationships between human/cultural and physical processes which give meaning and character to the earth's surface through time. An emphasis is placed on Guam and Micronesia as a geographic region.

A Minor in Geography is offered, requiring a total of 19 credit-hours; 13 core hours and 6 upper-division electives. For more information, please contact Dr. Amy Owen or Romina King at (671) 735-2880, or the Division at (671) 735-2870.



Dr. Amy Owen
Associate Professor
Division Office No. (671) 735-2874
Email Address:

Romina King
Office No. (671) 735-2880
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Dr. Harley I. Manner
Professor Emeritus


Geography Minor

(22 Credit Hours) 

The Geography minor is known to improve the marketability of any job seeker because it intersects many disciplines, enhancing both applied and theoretical knowledge. It bridges the physical sciences with climatology and geomorphology, the humanities with anthropology, history, and regional studies, and the social sciences with fields such as sociology and political science. Its contribution is significant in education, tourism, allied health, business administration, resource management, city and regional planning, economics and more.

Required Courses (13 credit hours)

  • GE101 Introduction to Geography (3)
  • GE201 World Regional Geography (3)
  • GE203 Principles of Physical Geography (4)
  • GE401 Geography of the Pacific (3)

Elective Courses (9 credit hours)

May choose from the following:

  • GE480 Special Topics in Geography
  • GE/EC321 Economic Geography
  • GE/AN341 Cultural Ecology
  • GE461 Conservation/Natural Resource Management
  • GE/SO465 Human Ecology: Problems and Solutions
  • NS330 (3) Meteorology and
  • 330L (1) Lab
  • NS355 (3) Topics in Geology and 355L (1) Lab
  • NS/AG380 (4) Principles of Soil Science


Geography Curriculum

  • GE101 Introduction to Geography
  • GE201 World Regional Geography
  • GE203 Principles of Physical Geography
  • GE/EC321 Economic Geography
  • GE/AN 341 Cultural Ecology
  • GE401 Geography of the Pacific
  • GE461 Conservation/Natural Resource Management
  • GE/SO475 Human Ecology: Problems and Solutions
  • GE480 Special Topics in Geography


Degree Program Requirements