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Community Referral Internet and Phone List

Isa Psychological Services Center

Online Resources  

Online Colleges: Critical Mental Health Resources for College Students

Learn Psychology: Guide to College Student Mental Health

Mental Health Screening's Stop a Suicide Today
Online Screening Program at http://www.stopasuicide.org/

Affordable Colleges Group Student Mental Health Guide

Jed Foundation's Online Screening Program
Online Screening Program at http://www.ulifeline.org/

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
Invites students to participate in their online screening program by e-mail at http://www.afsp.org/

Suicide Prevention Lifeline

National Hope Network

National Suicide Hotline
Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (SuicidePrevention and Mood Disorders) at http://www.dbsalliance.org/
American Association of Suicidology at http://www.suicidology.org/

Suicide Prevention Center (SPRC) at http://www.sprc.org/


Community Resources

Alee Shelter
472-6709/6729, 475-2653/2672, 637-2533
Established to help victims of domestic violence and spouse abuse/neglect. Women and their children may receive short term shelter in a safe and comfortable environment, as well as guidance and counseling toward future planning of their lives.

Client Services and Family Counseling
Superior Court's family counseling services, which provides counseling and evaluation to court referred clients: Individual, family, group and couples counseling; and Psychiatric and Psychological evaluations.

Crime Stoppers
A program involving police, community and the media in the fight against crime. It allows individuals to call in crimes, guaranteeing anonymity and may provide rewards for information leading to an arrest.

Crime Victim's Assistance Unit
Provides information, guidance, assistance and support. To answer questions and make referrals to other resources in the community, such as professional counseling, support groups, legal assistance, housing and other services.

Crime Victim's Response Unit
Provides direct services to victims of crime. Services may include case information, referrals, emotional support or court public outreach. All calls are handled confidentially and with compassion.

Crisis Hotline
A 24 hour crisis intervention hotline, which serves the community by providing listening service, referral services and public outreach. All calls are handled confidentially and with compassion.

Guam Behavioral Health and Wellness Center
Counseling services are available through DMHSA staff. You may schedule an appointment for intake by calling the numbers listed above.

Department of Vocational Rehabilitation
Provides employment services for persons with disabilities who are eligible for vocational services.

Erica's House
A support service for parents and children in need of visitation and exchange services. Services include a safe place to pick-up and drop off children for exchange between parents. On-site staff of Child Protective Services supervised visitation for families. Parenting class will be offered for Court and CPS referred.

Emergency Food Bank for Families and Homeless Families/Individuals
Rice, dry goods, canned food, baby food and diapers are distributed to needy families or those in crisis situations due to unusual circumstances.

Family Services Center
Provides education and life skill courses designed to help clients address the underlying issues that may be leading to their social and economic difficulties. Classes are held once a week focusing on different topics each week. Categories include parenting education, immigration education, basic job skills and basic money management.

Food Stamp Program
Central: 735-7245/7552/7537, Southern:828-7542/3, Northern: 635-7466
Provides benefits that help low income households buy food they need for good health. Provides services to unemployed or low income individuals, part-time workers, recipients of welfare or other assistance payments, and elderly persons with disabilities.

Gentle Refuge Crisis Pregnancy Center
472-1742/777-LIFE (5433)
A place where women facing unplanned pregnancy can come for free pregnancy tests and counseling. Gentle Refuge is open on Wednesdays 5:30 to 7:30 PM and Sundays 5:00 to 4:00 PM and located at 306 Duenas Street across Julale Shopping Center (Agana).

Guam Housing and Urban Renewal Authority
Accepts applications to live in GHURA low-income rental housing. Also accepts applications for Section 8 rent subsidy, which provides assistance in rent payments.

Guam Legal Services
Provides legal services to indigent persons on Guam.

Guam Memorial Hospital Emergency Room
GMH Emergency Room is a 24-hour emergency care facility where you can walk-in without an appointment if you feel that you are in an emergency situation.

Guam Public Transit
475-RIDE (7433) or 475-7434
Provides rides with fee, starts at Micronesia Mall and Agana Shopping Center and branches throughout the island. 5:30 AM to 7:30 PM, Monday to Saturdays, except Holidays.

Guam WIC Program
Provides selected supplemental foods (such as milk, eggs, cheese, cereals, juices, dried beans & peas, peanut butter, infant cereals) to eligible persons, along with nutrition education to improve the health and nutrition of its participants.

Guma Mami
A private non-profit corporation, which provides supervised health care services for mentally retarded adults; offers both residential and community support services.

Guma San Jose
Provides 24-hour, 7 days-a-week emergency shelter for homeless individuals and families in Guam.

Healing Hearts Rape Crisis Center
Provides support, information and referrals for all survivors of sexual assault. A specially trained doctor or nurse examiner who can perform the medical legal examination on-site, in a safe and warm environment, will also be available if the survivor wishes to pursue reporting the assault to police or to the survivor who does not wish to report a medical examination for their own health.

Inafa' Maolek Conciliation
Trained mediators assist in troubled marriages and family conflicts, small claims disputes, work-related conflicts and victim-offender mediation involving delinquent and criminal behavior. The organization also recognizes the value of training island youth in peace-making by providing peer mediation training to prevent violence on campuses.

Lawyer Referral Service
Provides names of attorneys from the Guam Bar Association with areas of special interest.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD)
647-MADD (6233)
Offers support, guidance and information for people in crashes involving impaired drivers and for people whose loved ones were injured or killed by impaired drivers.

Navy Fleet & Family Support Center
Assists both single and married personnel to help solve problems, obtain assistance and provides in-depth information on resources available to them in the military and civilian community on Guam.

Office of the Attorney General
Prosecutes individuals; consults with victims/witnesses for case preparation, gathering evidence and testimony; and advocates for consumers.

Office of the Public Guardian
Provides legal services to an adult who for some reason unable to manage or take care of themselves and/or property. To serve as a guardian, assist Superior Court, advise and guide persons, offer guidance and counsel and develop programs for public education

One-Stop Career Center
Provides job seeker with employment related services such as training assessment, employment counseling and referral. Interested individuals need to complete a registration form and schedule an appointment.

Probation Division
Provides monitoring and supervision to individuals on probationary, diversion or pre-trial status.

Public Defenders Office
Provides legal services to indigent persons on Guam.

Sanctuary, Incorporated
Provides 24-hour accessibility to youths between ages 12-18 years who are experiencing family problems/conflict. This includes counseling via Sanctuary Hotline, Face to Face emergency counseling, referral services and temporary emergency shelter.

SPIMA Transportation
Provides transportation services to senior citizens (60 or older) who need access to resources (such as doctor's appointment, dental appointment, therapy, social services, shopping etc.).

"THRIVE" Superior Court of Guam's Client Services
Therapeutic support group for women in violent relationships or who have been in violent relationships.

Victim's Advocates Reaching Out (VARO)
475-5552/647-8833 (Crisis Hotline)
Trained volunteers respond to victims of violent crimes and their families to provide crisis intervention, information, follow-up and referrals.