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College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences
Women & Gender Studies Program

The Women and Gender Studies program is an interdisciplinary minor and certificate program designed to provide students with a women-focused curriculum that fully incorporates the concept of gender and is responsive to the issues, experiences, research, and discourse of women in Guam throughout Micronesia, and across cultures.

The program has five main objectives:

  1. To offer an interdisciplinary program that will broaden understanding of the significance of gender in the lives, identities, activities, opportunities, and concerns of women in Guam,in other areas of Micronesia, and across cultures.
  2. To provide degree students with a women- and gender-focused curriculum that will enhance their major field of study by highlighting issues, experiences, research and discourse relevant to women, locally, throughout Micronesia, and in a global context.
  3. To offer non-degree seeking students the opportunity to gain knowledge of women- and gender-centered teaching and research that is responsive to the needs and interests of women in the multicultural community of Guam and culturally diverse Micronesian region within a comparative framework.
  4. To provide professional women as well as non-professional community-based women with a series of female-oriented courses and workshops that will empower and enrich their own lives and sense of identity as well as that of their families and communities.
  5. To establish a research program that will investigate the needs and issues critical to women in Guam and throughout Micronesia, and which will serve to increase women's visibility locally and internationally.


Women & Gender Studies Certificate


Required Courses (3 credit hours):  WG101

Elective Courses (9 credit hours):  EN323, EN460/G (when topic is women or gender-focused), EN 461/G, SO240, SO355, PY/WG455/G, PY491 (when topic is women-or gender-focused), CF351, CF430, CF450, SW200, SW486, and courses selected from those in other programs cross-listed with Women and Gender Studies, or special workshops offered by the Program. 


Women & Gender Studies Minor


Required Courses (6 credit hours): WG101, WG490-Capstone Course. (If the student's major field of study requires a research course and the research conducted is women-and/or gender-focused, that course may be proposed for approval by the Program Coordinator and advisor as meeting the capstone course requirement.)

Electives Courses (12 credit hours) 6 credits must be upper division and outside of the student's major field of study, selected from those in other programs cross-listed with Women and Gender Studies: EN/WG323, EN460/G (when the topic is women-or gender-focused), EN416/G, SO230, SO240, SO355, PY/WG455/G, PY491 (when the topic is women or gender-focused), CF430, CF450, SW345, SW486, HI450. 


Core Faculty

Elizabeth Kelley Bowman, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature
Coordinator of the Women and Gender Studies Program