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Math Placement Test

Math Placement Test

Prior to start their first semester, new incoming freshmen are usually required to take mathematics placement test administrated by the Division of Mathematical Sciences. Based on the placement test score students will be assigned the appropriate math courses to take.

Bring a picture ID and UOG Application Receipt or UOG Letter of Acceptance.  Examinees should arrive 30 minutes before their scheduled time.  Examinees may be moved to the next time slot if necessary.  Exam location is at UOG, Room SC*101 and SC*112. 

 *The test is 30 minutes long and is composed of 25 questions. *

Practice Placement Test



0 – 9  points

MA 085/LI

10 – 13 points

MA 085/LII

14 – 19 points

MA 110, MA 115, or MA 151

20 – 25 points

MA 161a or MA 165

Any student who scores 24 or 25 on the placement test and have taken Pre-Calculus and/or Trigonometry is eligible to take the Calculus Readiness Test. If the student passes, he/she will be placed in MA 203.

Any student who took the AP Calculus Exam and received a score of 4 or 5 will be placed in MA204 and will receive credit for MA203.

For more information, call the Division of Mathematics and Computer Sciences at (671) 735-2825 or email Dr. Badowski at gbadowski@uguam.uog.edu or call the Enrollment Management & Student Services Office at (671) 735-2292.