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Knowledge At Guam

Knowledge @ Guam

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The Knowledge@Guam Initiative (KGI) offers an opportunity for the University of Guam (UoG) to initiate, drive and coordinate community-centric knowledge management efforts. Access to data helps frame issues important to the island community. Whether for government, industry or community-level planning, data that is accurate, current, useful, and easily accessible provides possibilities for communities-and policy-makers-to understand trends. The Knowledge@Guam Initiative also offers an opportunity to improve the use of statistical resources on Guam. Currently, the use of statistical resources for planning appears fragmented and any expected data improvements related to decision-making, programming and research add to the continuing information and related planning challenges. Closing these noticed planning gaps requires access to the broad array of data needed to evaluate and assess how the island community has advanced or regressed over time.

In response to this need, the UoG offers the ideas proposed by Dalkir ("Knowledge Navigator", 2005); specifically, that the Knowledge@Guam Initiative can play an important role in nurturing the community knowledge sharing nodes that make up our existing knowledge culture. Knowledge@Guam offers an opportunity to take the best of our data culture and streamline it into an effective knowledge management process. The Knowledge@Guam Initiative helps define and evaluate existing data flow processes that contribute to evolving the delivery of quality information to guide decision-making for all end-users.