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School of Business & Public Administration

Professional Master of Business Administration

Professional Master of Business Administration (PMBA)

Professional Master of Business Administration Program

The University of Guam Professional MBA is proposed as a one-year graduate degree program for mid-level and executive managers who possess an undergraduate business degree from an accredited university or college. It is designed for qualified professionals seeking advance level business and management competencies to compete effectively in the dynamic and changing, international business arena. It will be a fast-paced experience that enables professionals to satisfy their respective personal and professional goals in a formal relevant program.

The Professional MBA Program restructures its schedule to incorporate a diversity of course offerings and experiences to integrate better the content and process of management. Admission to the Professional MBA Program is competitive with enrollment limited to fifteen students per class. The academic calendar will be a twelve month format, with a one-week Winter break and a one-week Spring Break.


Program Admission

The University of Guam Professional MBA is a competitive program that requires applicants have the following minimum qualifications to be eligible to apply to the program:

  • Minimum two years of full-time management work experience;
  • Earned baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university.
  • The Professional MBA Admissions Committee bases its decisions on the completed applications which include:
  • Written essay of a business program for case development
  • Work history and leadership potential
  • Letters of recommendation from two or more professional supervisors or associates
  • Results of the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT), a minimum score of 500 preferred
  • Minimum undergraduate grade point average of 3.0 for business major or overall cumulative
  • Official transcripts of all undergraduate work
  • Meet Graduate Admissions Standards of the UOG Graduate Bulletin, including passing the Graduate English Proficiency Examination (call the Office of Graduate Studies at (671) 735-2170 or 735-2173 for information on examination schedule and venue)

The Admissions Committee of at least three full-time graduate faculty will select the best-qualified candidates who demonstrate a strong intellectual capacity for business and maturity of management experience. The Admissions Committee gives significant attention to the length of time spent in a management role, progression in job responsibilities, and total work experience including the creation of new business ventures.


Degree Requirements

The University of Guam Professional MBA degree program delivers an academic perspective with integrated practical experiences and management technologies. In addition to satisfying the prerequisite core requirements, students must complete 33 credit hours of PMBA foundation courses for the completion of their degree. Degree students must meet all the University requirements of this Bulletin. Procedure for students who drop out of the cohort: If a student drops out of his or her cohort for good reason during the course of his or her study in the (admitted) program year, he or she will be allowed to join the program by joining a subsequent cohort. Guidelines within this Bulletin apply.

Overall requirements and courses are aligned with AACSB and IACBE accreditation requirements. All inquiries should be directed to Dr. Anita Borja-Enriquez at abe@uguam.uog.edu.


Prerequisite Core Requirements
  • A minimum of 18 semester hours* must be satisfied in the following areas (or their equivalent):
  • Financial reporting, analysis and markets (BA200 Principles of Financial Accounting, BA310 Applied Statistics for business Decisions, and BA320 Basic Business Finance);
  • Domestic and global economic environments of organizations (BA110 Principles of Economics);
  • Creation and distribution of goods and services (BA260 Fundamentals of Marketing); and
  • Human behavior in organizations (BA241Human Resources Management or BA440 Organizational Behavior).

* Part of all of these requirements may be completed in related courses at the undergraduate level, or through the passage of competency examinations, approved by the PMBA Admissions Committee, in respective subject matter areas.

* Students must also demonstrate basic skills in written and oral communication, quantitative analysis, and computer usage, either by prior experience and/or education. This will be determined through a competency examination administered by the PMBA program unit.

PMBA Courses

Required Courses




Case Studies in Management

Managerial Economics
Strategic Marketing Management
Strategic Leadership and Ethics
Financial Management
Managerial Accounting
Statistical Analysis & Econometric Techniques
Human Resources Management
Operations and Project Management
Advanced Topics in International Business

Business Capstone Experience







Five regular eight-week terms during one program year are offered which reinforce the intellectual foundation of strategic business management with an integrated applied approach. Concept courses are introduced as a way of enhancing understanding of the ideas needed to manage from evidence in business management as best-practice models. The tools needed to implement the management perspective are provided so that students make the connection between concepts and process for effective management. A one-day orientation will be scheduled prior to the start of Term 1, in order to provide an official introduction of the program to the new cohort of students. A separate fee will be assessed for this orientation.

Courses are not taught for their disciplinary perspectives alone. Rather, the networking of ideas with strategic tools is reinforced throughout this process. The following profiles the courses of the PMBA Program:

Thirty-three credit hours are required for graduation. Six credit hours are awarded for successful completion of each Term. Three credit hours are given for the case study sessions conducted over Inter-terms 1, 2, 3, and 4. All of the case study sessions must be attended. Course enrollment is limited to those admitted to the Professional MBA Program.

Academic Probation and Suspension

A student on academic probation will not be permitted to register for more than six credits per academic semester. Refer to ACADEMIC PROBATION, SUSPENSION, AND DISMISSAL in the Graduate Bulletin for the policies covering the removal of academic probation and suspension.