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About NCATE Accreditation

From The Benefits of NCATE Accreditation

Professional accreditation of preparatory programs is the bedrock upon which all professions have built their reputations (e.g., architecture, engineering, medicine, law). It assures that those entering the respective field have been suitably prepared to practice through assimilation of a body of knowledge and pre-service practice in the profession.

When a school of education is NCATE accredited, it provides an assurance that the school's teacher preparation program has met national standards set by the teaching field at large and has undergone rigorous external and impartial review by professionals, policymakers, and representatives of the public.

  • NCATE's performance-based system of accreditation fosters the development of competent classroom teachers, specialists, and administrators who work to improve the education of all P–12 students and help all students.
  • Graduates from an NCATE accredited teacher preparation program are in high demand because they are well-prepared for initial licensing and advanced board certification. Candidate performance at NCATE institutions is thoroughly assessed throughout the program of study and before the candidate is recommended for licensure.
  • Many states have reciprocity agreements based on graduation from NCATE-accredited schools, so graduates of NCATE-accredited schools will generally find it easier to apply for licensure when they move out of state.
  • Individuals applying to an NCATE accredited school will have the assurance that the school's educator program has met national standards and received the profession's "seal of approval."

For more information, visit the About NCATE web page