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School of Education

SOE Admissions


All students who wish to major in education must apply and be admitted to the School of Education. Deadlines for admission are October 15 for Fall semesters and March 15 for Spring semesters. Enrollment in 300 and 400 level education courses requires admission into the School of Education.

Requirements for Admission of Pre-Education Students

The student must submit an application for admission to the School of Education, via his/her LiveText account, demonstrating that he/she has at the point of application met the following requirements:

  • Completed at least 54 semester credit hours at the end of the semester the application is filed, including the following courses and General Education requirements:
    • ED110 (or equivalent), 192, and 201
    • PY101
    • General Education Requirements: EN110 & EN111, CO210
    • ED265 is encouraged or BI201 or HI211 or HI243 or PS225, one science course, MA110 or MA161a or MA165
  • Earned a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.7 based upon all credits earned at the time of application
  • Signed a waiver to allow review of all academic records
  • Submitted passing Official Praxis Core scores for reading (156), writing (162), and math (150)
    • NOTE: If the applicant took Praxis I, passing scores are 173 for reading, 170 for writing, and 170 for math
  • Submission of 3 disposition rubrics from
    • Two School of Educationfaculty; for transfer students, faculty in your major
    • One content area faculty; for transfer students, an advisor


Each of SOE's graduate programs has its own list of prerequisites to admission. Please visit the page of the program in question for more information. Additional information can also be found on UOG's Graduate Studies web page.