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Computer Center

Contact Us

Email: operations@uguam.uog.edu
Phone: 671-735-2640/30

Computer Lab Hours

M-F:8AM - 9PM
Sa:9AM - 3PM
Sun & Holidays: Closed

Web Advisor Hours

As of 31 March 2014 WebAdvisor will be available 24/7 except for the the following maintenance windows:
M-Th: 8PM - 11PM
F: 8PM - 1AM
Sa: 8PM - 11PM

Network Maintenance

Please be advised of the following schedule for Network Maintenance which will result in intermittent network access to the UOG campus network and Internet.

To prevent any issues that may occur  Colleague, Webadvisor, Triton Portal, etc. services may be turned off during these time periods.


Schedule for Network Maintenance:

August 8 – 9 ( Saturday and Sunday)

August 23 (Sunday)

August 30 (Sunday)

September 6 (Sunday)

September 13 (Sunday)

September 20 (Sunday)

September 27(Sunday)

Note: On Saturdays the intermittent network access may occur after 1:00 p.m.

Sundays are subject to all day and night until early Monday morning. 

About Services

Below you will find some of the services that ITRC / Computer Center provides. Please contact Computer Center for more information.


All students receive IT access when their enrollment is certified. This access includes their TritonID which grants them access to WebAdvisor and TritonPortal. Students also receive a school email address. All official UOG correspondence is sent to a student's official email address. Students are advised to check these accounts often or to setup forwarding.

Services offered are:

  • WebAdvisor
  • Triton Portal
  • Email
  • CashNET
  • CollegeNET Faculty Evaluations
  • Computer Center Lab Smart Card ID 


Email and Internet Service

  1. Send a request with the approval from the respective administrator (VP, Dean, Director) to the ITR/CC for account setup.
  2. Make sure the necessary wiring connection in place (coordinate with Admin and Plant Management)
  3. Work station with necessary OS and software and network card (check with your Administrator and IT Coordinator)

Note: Please pop your mails, backup and delete mails to save mail box space

Access of Web-base Services

  1. Send an application to HRO for registration
  2. Access will be setup by the ITR/CC using HRO’s registration

Note: Access setup process will be run automatically at 3PM daily.

Wireless Access

  1. Bring your laptop to the Center for setup

Research and Statistical Analysis Packages

  1. PC SPSS is available at ITR/CC labs and other labs on the campus
  2. SAS in the central server is available for access Send an application to the Center for SAS access setup

Antivirus Software

  1. Copy is available for UOG employees
  2. Obtain a copy from the Center

Offering x90 courses with the Faculty for student internship, practicum, etc

  1. A variety of IT related areas- such as Office Automation, Micro computer maintenance service, Networking, Email/Internet support and Student Information support- can be developed and offered with the faculty.

Grant Application

  1. Provide IT related specs, costs, etc.
  2. If applicable, serves as co-applicant


  1. Helpdesk, Email and WebAdvisor training/orientation: Contact AJ and Shaun at the Center: aj@uguam.uog.edu, shaunm@uguam.uog.edu Tel: x 2634,30,35 & 40