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Computer Center


About Services

Below you will find some of the services that ITRC / Computer Center provides. Please contact Computer Center for more information.


All students receive IT access when their enrollment is certified. This access includes their TritonID which grants them access to WebAdvisor and TritonPortal. Students also receive a school email address. All official UOG correspondence is sent to a student's official email address. Students are advised to check these accounts often or to setup forwarding. Student Downloadable information can be found here

Our Services

Provides Student's to their own records. Students may view their class schedules, grades, financial aid information and transcripts. Through this service, you are also able to register, withdraw, or drop classes.
Triton Portal grants students easy access to information on the UOG campus. Through Student Portal students can find more information about campus services, complete faculty evaluations, access WebAdvisor, make payments, and more.
Student email accounts are assigned to all confirmed University of Guam students. All official university emails will only be sent to student university email accounts.
This Service can be accessed through WebAdvisor or through Triton Portal. CashNet allows student's to view balances and make payments.
This service can be accessed through TritonPortal. CollegeNet allows student's to evaluate faculty for classes they are registered for.
  • Students may print up to 300 pages per semester.
  • Students are allocated 100mb of personal storage per semester
  • Students can customize their 4-16 digit PIN.
  • Students are automatically logged out of computers upon card removal.


Faculty Downloadable information can be found here

Having problems? Tell us on HelpDesk!

Click here to learn more about HelpDesk

  • Send a request with the approval from the respective administrator (VP, Dean, Director) to the ITR/CC for account setup.
  • Make sure the necessary wiring connection in place (coordinate with Admin and Plant Management)
  • Work station with necessary OS and software and network card (check with your Administrator and IT Coordinator)

Note: Please pop your mails, backup and delete mails to save mail box space

  • Send an application to HRO for registration
  • Access will be setup by the ITR/CC using HRO’s registration

Note: Access setup process will be run automatically at 3PM daily.

Bring your wireless capable device to the computer center for network setup.
  • SPSS is available on all ITRC Computer Center labs as well as other computer labs on campus.
  • SAS in the central server is available for access Send an application to the Center for SAS access setup.
  • Antivirus software is available to all UOG Employees
  • Submit a helpdesk request and drop your computer to the computer center for servicing.
A variety of IT related areas- such as Office Automation, Micro computer maintenance service, Networking, Email/Internet support and Student Information support- can be developed and offered with the faculty.
  • Provide IT related specs, costs, etc.
  • If applicable, serves as co-applicant
Helpdesk, Email and WebAdvisor training/orientation: Contact AJ and Shaun at the Center: aj@uguam.uog.edu, shaunm@uguam.uog.edu Tel: x 2634,30,35 & 40