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Contact Us

Computer Center

Contact Us

Email: operations@uguam.uog.edu
Phone: 671-735-2640/30

Computer Lab Hours

M-F:8AM - 9PM
Sa:9AM - 3PM
Sun & Holidays: Closed

Web Advisor Hours

As of 31 March 2014 WebAdvisor will be available 24/7 except for the the following maintenance windows:
M-Th: 8PM - 11PM
F: 8PM - 1AM
Sa: 8PM - 11PM

Contact Info

For Academic Service

General Contact: Data Control (DC) (671) 735-2635
(also serves as General Help Desk)

For Wireless Service

Operations (671) 735-2640/30

DataCom Specialist (671) 735-2637

For URGENT and Special Needs

DataCom Specialist (671) 735-2637

(Network related)

Micro Specialist. (671) 735-2634

(LAN, micro comp.)

Lab Assistance (671) 735-2640

(for CC labs related)

Help Desk in the CC lab

(for On site help in the lab)