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Computer Center


Frequently Asked Questions

Computer Center

  1. Does the Computer Center provide orientation on computer operations, word processors (MS WORD), Internet, Email, Web, Statistical Software (SPSS)?
    Yes, the orientation is very basic showing users how start the programs, save work and print.
  2. Does Computer Center provide assistance and advice on data analysis?
    Yes, we will be glad to provide assistance and advice upon request.
  3. Does the Computer Center provide orientation or assistance for my lectures on computer related topics?
    Yes, see item #1
  4. Can I make arrangement to use the computing facility and Computer Lab for me and /or my students?
    Yes, please contact ITRC/Computer Center to make arrangements.
  5. Does the Computer Center assist me in defining a computer system specs to meet my need, obtaining quotation, estimating computing cost in my research project or grant application?
    Yes, please contact ITRC/Computer Center to make arrangements.
  6. Will the Computer center do computer repair or wiring?
    We will do our best to advise and / or identify the computer related problems, but the Computer Center is not a repair shop or a pickup and delivery service. The Computer Center does not do wiring or cable installation. However, the Computer Center can assist in identifying your computer problem if you can drop your system at the Center. The Computer Center will be able to assist you in obtaining your own service contract with vendors for maintenance and wiring or cable installation.
  7. What is the operation / maintenance schedule?
    For the Main Servers requiring operation staff: Please call to get updated schedule. Operations: 735-2630/40/35 See Operation & Maintenance Schedule.
  8. What is the operation / maintenance schedule?
    UOG Employees must send in a request via the online help desk. The web address is helpdesk.uog.edu. Only employees with a valid UOG E-Mail address may use the system..


Smart Card ID

1. How can I get a Smart Card?
    Please visit Enrollment Management & Student Success  (EMSS)  to obtain a smart card ID. Contact EMSS for more information.

2. What do I do after I receive the card?

Please visit the RFK Library to receive your barcode and current semester sticker.

3. How do I get my smart card to work in the computer lab?

Please visit ITRC/Computer Center after add/drop period. The card must have a barcode from the RFK Library and current semester sticker. If you do not have these prerequisites, you must present a government issued ID and a current semester schedule. 

4. What if I forget the pin to my account?
    Please visit Computer Center with a valid student ID and schedule to retrieve/reset password.
5. If I lose my card do I lose the files, or files on my smart card profile?
    You can retrieve a replacement at EMSS. Please be aware that Computer Center resets all accounts after each semester.
    Files may be retrieved if card is replaced during the same semester it was lost. Please note that computer center is not responsible of any files, or information saved on your profile.
6. What happens if I forget my smart card?
    In order to use the computer lab, you must have your smart card.
7. Can my card be used by someone else?
    No, smart cards may only be used by the owner of the smart card.
8. Can I use the Smart ID card anywhere else in UOG?
    No, Smart Cards are only used to access Computer Center Main Lab PC's.
9. Can I reload the number of paper to print?
    No, you are only given 300 papers a semester.
10. How can I check how much paper I have left for printing?
    Please log in using one of the Smart Card Stations in Computer Center to view how much paper for printing.
11.Can I print without using a Smart Card?
    No, in order to print you must have a smart card.

Smart Card Policy